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One thing to keep in mind for Genshin Impact's future...

2020.10.23 16:40 Tamoketh One thing to keep in mind for Genshin Impact's future...

There's a lot of people that complained about the gacha aspect of the game, the resin limiting gameplay, the heavy grind that slowly starts around AR30 and gets super heavy at/after AR40, etc... While I can't comment on the grind past AR40 (I'm currently AR39) and can't talk about any good/bad luck whaling for wishes (I'm a F2P player), I can comment on how the game has felt for me so far and what this game reminds me the most of, ironically.
Now, I want to quickly preface this by saying: I'm not saying the devs treated GI the same as this other game, or that it's the same genre of game, or that GI is going to follow a similar path... All I'm stating is that a lot of the base feelings of that other game are very similar to this game. That other game is: No Man's Sky (NMS).
Alright, hear me out though! Getting past all the lies that people were told about the amazing game NMS was supposed to be on launch, NMS was a game that was released with future potential. Comparing what the game was then to what the game is now (well, I haven't played the latest update, but compared to the one before that) the launch NMS felt like a Beta or an Early Access game. The launch version had a lot of exploration to do, various objectives that could be completed like learning more of the languages or acquiring/upgrade new weapons and ships. Sound a little familiar? Over time they added ways to teleport across the galaxy easier, added vehicles, better ways to terraform the surface, base building mechanics, freighters/frigates to buy/build and command, NPCs to send on expeditions, more "quests", etc. The core of the game is still exploring, acquiring and upgrading... but to say that the game back then felt as good as the game does now would be stretching.
While NMS might not be a major success story, it is an example of a game that eventually got to where it wanted to be. ROSE Online (Rush On Seven Episodes) was an MMO and an example of things going badly. I had a similar plan to GI: The game would have players travel between planets, each with their own environments, enemies, NPCs and story. The game released with 2 of the planets already and with the remaining 5 releasing at a later date. I can't remember the names and I'm too lazy to look them up, so I'll call them Plains planet (I think it was Junon or something) and Ice planet. The Plains planet was "fully implemented" in the sense that I don't think they ever really added to it. There was a story quest that led from level 1 to level 60 (I believe), which was the first opportunity to go to the Ice planet, and other areas/mobs that would go up to level 80. The problem they had was the content on the Ice planet was laughably fast to go through since they only did like 20% of the planet as far as quests and story (although there were enemies past that I think). Once you got to that point, your options were either PVP or grind levels and gear until the next bit of content releases... which the game basically "died" before it ever came out. I think the original devs did keep it going, or someone else on private servers did, because I believe there was a Jungle planet and Fire planet released last time I looked into the game.
What does this have to do with Genshin Impact, you ask? Well, because like NMS was (maybe unintentionally from the devs) and ROSE Online tried to be, GI is a "long haul" style game. There's content and things to do now, obviously, but what the game is now and what the game might be in 5-10 years time (assuming it lives till then) will be vastly different. By then we'll probably have at least a couple more continents added, a bunch of new characters, hopefully some Dendro enemies/bosses/characters (which are getting leaked already), new modes to play like the Abyss, maybe more co-op content to do or just a more solid co-op experience, etc. The core "gameplay loop" of the game will still be the same or very similar, but the amount of things to do and the quality of it all will most likely be much better.
Now, here's where people might get upset (if they aren't already by the text): the Resin system, at least the idea behind it, is good for the game at its current stage.
Okay, if you are still reading this and haven't either started leaving a nasty comment or just downvoted and left, ROSE Online above is a reason why. It took a long time for new content to come to the game and most of the people that were playing it (even casually) had already completed everything the current game had to offer. Obviously the most Hardcore of players were already super high level (I believe the cap was 120 at the time) and had basically all the best gear they could have. Even the "midcore" players were getting to or passing lvl 100 on at least 1 character. By the time the rest of the content on the Ice planet was released, everyone was already strong enough to just breeze through it and then hit the end with another long waiting period.
While not the best way for it, the Resin system is a way to try and limit this from happening in GI. It's removal would mean that even the midcore players would have their main characters max level, with maxed a weapon, with perfect artifacts that are all maxed. Then what happens when new content is released? They are already maxed out for everything, so they breeze through it in no time at all and then are back to having nothing to do. I know people just want to have no Resin at all and just grind through getting the best of everything... but if there was no Resin at all and you already had everything maxed... what would you do in the game? Or if you aren't close to that point, how long would you grind over and over to get the best of everything before being burnt out on the game till the next update?
I agree that it should be made less restrictive and eventually removed. I think for now some way to try and slow down the process of getting things capped out is a good thing, until they have their next major update with a new region. Then if it isn't removed outright, it should be HEAVILY relaxed... like double/triple the cap, cut the time it takes to generate in half, cut the cost in half and give Fragile Resin for doing various things (dailies, BP, etc)...
If you are actually still reading this what are your thoughts?
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2020.05.26 18:19 Patch267 The most "current" theories and future direction

Unless I missed something it seems the direction of the show is now:
The very "old" - (1200 AD) The Swamp rock structure, eye and associated 'Templar Finds" - The lead cross and associated lead artifacts.
The relatively old. (17, 18th century) - Wood Dendro - ages all the way back to 1706, the 1704 stone and all the associated artifacts dating to this time period.
The treasure propaganda linked to the show seems now to emphasize / suggest that:
1) Original Depositors: Templar's dumped a huge treasure on the Island in the 12th or 13th century?
2) The findings so far (per Marty) suggest a "recovery attempt" made in the 18th century (or so).?
3) Perhaps Bacon was involved or even the principal architect of the workings at Island in the early 17th century?
Great stuff.......sure. Regrettably next to ZERO confirmation of any of these "treasure" theories. Evidence so far, if you can call it that is circumstantial.
Lead cross - No "owner" provenance. But I grant the location of the lead mines are really fascinating.
1704 Stone? I like to think this is legit but who knows?
90' stone? Lets see it to believe it.
Bones, Scraps of paper, leather book bindings, some metal (sorry don't buy the gold chain deal) garbage..... Not one 'real" coin, (in the MP) no gold bars, no silver, no gems.
It's easy to be a skeptic - I am not a skeptic about some interesting finds and absolutely believe interesting things happened on the Island. I just believe it was of Commercial or Military origin and not related to "treasure".

My observation is that to continue to explore the east Drumlin would require the "Big Dig". In the subsequent You Tubes and promos after the final episode Marty "backs off" any big dig. (Randall / Marty interview).

Speaking only for myself, my opinion is that last season confirmed (The moving Tooney) that any attempt at future exploration will require the fellowship to "penetrate" the chamber or void that they punched through at the end of season 7.
I can't recall but didn't they punch into it at 180' or deeper? I would say any further can slamming may be counter productive unless they can drop a can into this void and send a diver in to explore. Short of that I don't see any other way to proceed unless they do a big dig. Random "can" slams have been disappointingly unproductive.
Then you have to measure the cost to reward. During the You Tube Marty advised History "DID-NOT" subsidize the first few season BUT is doing so now. I think many posters may exaggerate how much the Brothers make from the show. The GOOD thing is that the show offers the Fellowship the latitude to make decisions they may have not considered without the financial backing.
I'm sure that viewers are beginning to realize that the show is a somewhat fractured attempt to use not quite real archeological standards too reveal things. Real archeology is slowwww......... I'm sure it's a challenge to balance real archeology with "sped up" methods that archeologists aren't keen on.
At the end of the day it's kinda like the lady said in the podcast - TCOOI is fun to watch and beats the hell out of much of the programming that it competes against.

Thx for reading.
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2020.04.30 20:28 Patch267 Prospero, Coop, Skelthos etc.

Interested in serious feedback about O.I. going forward:
First - a little backtracking.
Seems the current thinking so eloquently voiced by Jack:
Templar timeline 1100 - 1400
Bacon Theory 1600's
Dendro Timelines: 1741-1769

Regarding the SWAMP: I'm actually a bit re-energized regarding show interest because of what they are turning up. So if I have it right, the dates (1200 AD) certainly suggest human activity.
Looks like the fellowship have stumbled upon man-made works that suggest some type of wharf / docking, small harbor set up.
Interestingly if the crew can accumulate enough evidence, then turn it over to professional archaeologists, it just may be possible that they have discovered a New World site potentially created by non - indigenous peoples. Should enough evidence turn up, and it is shown these works are not Indigenous but rather European or from some other source it would be a stunning historical find.
Such a find would justify all the effort and would turn scientific ridicule into envy. The stature of the effort and the brotherhood would be elevated to a different level of respect.
Efforts in the Swamp are far more justified than in the ........................
Money Pit.
Ahhh the MP.
First: So can slamming has proven ineffectual based on site geology.
I would point out to the viewership AGAIN of the extent of excavations down to 160' or so.
The machine hits a VOID at aro 200'
Martys coin has been proven to migrate up to 10' from H8.
In my opinion this is interesting for several reasons. As Marty said this may explain why no has found anything substantial.
So lets look at this: At around 200' the team hits an underground chamber, full of water and sediments with a level of current movement.
I am of the opinion that the technical requirements needed to dig a hole 250' into an aqueous environment will be a huge. Having been involved in using the "freezing" technique to excavate missile silos at Kings Bay Georgia I can ASSURE anyone reading this it is FAR more challenging than those cartoon illustrations show. For example, at Kings Bay we hit a underground water channel (creek) at 75' that the technology couldn't handle. The faster the underground water flow the more difficult to stop it.
While I do hope they proceed I find it improbable they recover anything because of the technical challenges and potential costs.
Now, having said that, it is thought provoking that the big "crash" heard in the 1850's could have resulted in a possible cache or treasure settling down there.
At the end of the day, Im sick of the MP, hope they once and for all are able to say:
1) Nothing is there
2) We found it
3) Too difficult / expensive to pull this off
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2020.03.25 17:24 Cleanbadroom Dendro dates from wood from "tunnel"?

I was really hoping we would get dates this week, but it appears not. I hope that isn't something the show forgets about.
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2020.02.18 20:34 Haggis_The_Barbarian My thoughts on dendro carbon dating of wood on OI.

Just something I was thinking about recently. I live in a rural area with a lot of century farms. There are several with barns that are 100-150 years old (or more!). Based on the time and effort that went into dressing logs for building a few hundred years ago, I would assume that At least some of the wood they’re pulling up on OI could have been repurposed (long) after the fact. Carbon 14 dating and dendrochronology can tell you when a tree was cut down, but I wonder if there is any way of telling whether or not the wood was seasoned prior to it’s use in shafts. Just because something was cut down in 1750 does not necessarily mean it was not a part of another structure prior to its use on OI. I also wonder how the wood from the original structure (assuming there is one) would have weathered underground if it was used for building while it was still green.
I used to work at a historical site (fur trade post) and all of our reconstructed buildings were built with seasoned lumber (although basically hand dressed so they looked authentic), but the original fort was constructed from green wood because it had to be built quickly, and consequently all the buildings needed to be constantly repaired because they were always rotting.
Just wondering if there’s any way of telling whether a log went underground green or dried... I think that’s a pretty important question to take a look at as well.
Edit: My title should obviously have an “and” in it. I.e. dendro AND carbon dating. I realize they’re different processes.
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2020.02.18 15:44 Patch267 Season 7 and Beyond

As stated in a previous post my expectation for season 7 would be that the "team" will put enough information together to convince the audience that the "Original" Money Pit has been discovered.
I would qualify this statement by suggesting I expect the "proof" to be Dendro dating of wood samples that confirm they have found "shaft" wood samples that correlate to the supposed date of the "Onslow" Company efforts of the early 19th century.
Expect the data to be confusing however because if the history of the MP is correct searchers "re-lined" the shaft / "timbers" numerous times during the course of excavations.
This is further confused and compounded by the infamous "collapse" of the mid 19th century. Leading me to believe that Dendro samples should be expected to be all over the place - From early to late 19th century, even into the 20th century. possibly up to the time Dunfield did his "big dig".
Regarding the collapse, if one reads Randall's book and the chronological history of the many shafts one has to cast a critical eye in believing that the "collapse" occurred into an existing "vault" or "original depositor" chamber. I submit to the practical minded that the "Vault" or "chamber" often mentioned is nothing more than searcher tunnels which were dug all around, underneath and through.
I submit that the reason the dozens and dozens of shafts and literally hundreds of "cores" have never found - as Rick says" that "one big thing" is because IT DOES NOT EXIST. For those that wish to dwell on that "scrap of paper and the gold chain - My response - the paper - sure - as in "searcher toilet paper".
The gold chain - "debunked, never seen, no evidence and the histories call it different things:
"copper, coat epaulet scrap or watch chain" too bad that like the 90' stone, it does not currently exist except in the imagination of men.
I also submit that even if the legends are true, that their were some "original depositors" that the MP is nothing more than a "Mountebank" although my belief in this has dwindled to less than than 5% probability now. The MP is nothing more and has never been anything more than a sorry statement of the greed and avarice of foolish men.
Now I would like to AGAIN state for the record that I like the cast of characters, Rick, most of all. Despite our barbs and criticism's I think they have represented themselves with integrity and I appreciate the sensitivity shown and respect given to the long history at Oak Island. I am also grateful that they may be on the cusp of finally and forever proving that the Mystery of Oak Island may have been anything "BUT" a Treasure Story.
The swamp - interesting sure, show me the treasure, until then I again submit the man-made workings there are far more logically associated with a commercial and / or perhaps military venture.
Smiths Cove: DITTO
I also realize that it is in the interest of History / Prometheus / Nova Scotia and Canada, as well as the "team" to continue the endeavor for financial reasons. The financials have been discussed here many times, the money is in the story and the public's fascination to tune in. I have nothing but support for the jobs it creates, the money made, especially for the ancillary beneficiary's, much less so for History and Prometheus which continue to mislead and titillate with stories of curses and treasure.
But I think the history is interesting and I will watch for that reason alone, it would be nice to see the programming consolidated to a more reasonable informational format but H/P will stretch this rubber band as far as it will go. (until the ratings dry up).
There it is my friends, that's my opinion and I'm sticking too it!
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2020.02.18 10:43 ArunavaSensei "Infinite Dendrogram" episode #7 is being postponed due to production circumstances caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. The new airdate will be announced at a later date.

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2020.02.06 00:50 oak54 The.Curse.of.Oak.Island.S07E12.720p.WEB.h264-TBS[rarbg]

[00:00:00] Tonight on the curse of Oak Island, whatever this is event here. Wow. Ooh, it's an an accent. This house could be a weapon at sample came out the 1741 what the hell does that fit with the raids on portraits? Lewisburg. Paul, Rick. Look at this one. Drain system looks like flood tunnel or Bach strains. Whoa.
[00:00:24] We're uncovering something here that people haven't seen for hundreds of years.
[00:00:31] There is an Island in the North Atlantic where people have been looking for an incredible treasure. For more than 200 years. So far, they have found a stone slab with strange symbols carved into it. Mysterious fragments of human bone and the led cross whose origin may stretch back to the days of the Knights Templar today.
[00:00:58] Six men have died trying [00:01:00] to solve the mystery, and according to legend, one more will have to die before the treasure can be found.
A Tom Olin? Could it be?
[00:01:22] Let's see what we've got.
[00:01:28] There was a lot of water in here. Certainly rules in the aftermath of a powerful hurricane, which hit Oak Island and the surrounding region with winds of nearly 100 miles per hour. Downing trees and causing structural damage across the Island. Brothers, Rick and Marty Latina are eagerly trying to put their search efforts back on track.
[00:01:57] Our escalation area was full. We're making headway. [00:02:00] I think we're still in good shape. I think we are. Hurricane Dorian also completely filled the recently drained swamp with ocean water. 14 the team's efforts to investigate the mysterious stone paved pathway that was discovered earlier this year after the extensive pumping we did, we are currently back to square one in the swamp.
[00:02:23] That's problematic. We've got to drain it as quickly as we can and hope the weather holds. Just working out, Scott, I think that, you know, it's, it's going to be wet no matter how long we wait, so I think we're just going to have to let this settle out and then pump down. I'd say two to three days before we get in here.
[00:02:39] They are too old, like a big difference here. Yup. Um, but the real impact is going to be this place really that paved area. That's right. So this is critical. If we can get this dry to the point where we can at least investigate a 10 by 20 area, come to some understanding of what it may or may not be, whether it's natural or artificial.
[00:02:59] I agree with [00:03:00] that. Every day is a new day. Do what we can and move forward. Yup. Later that same day as the pumping operation at the Oak Island swamp continues. Hey guys, Rick and Marty gather with other members of their team for an important meeting in the war room. Joining them via video conference is Rick and Marty's partner Craig tester.
[00:03:28] Okay, so you know, today is Marty favorite day. It's about science getting results. Um, Craig has some very interesting results, uh, bought our working Smith's coat, and it's about dendrochronology, which I'm hoping that there'll be some really definitive answers here. Yeah. Yeah. Boy, we want to get a piece of dander off that for dendro testing.
[00:03:54] One week ago, after fully exposing a mysterious long structure in what has become [00:04:00] known as the bump out area, the team obtained a large sample to be tested through a process known as dendrochronology. Perfect. There you go. Which analyzes growth rings on wood in an effort to determine. Not only the age of a tree, but also when it was cut for use in construction.
[00:04:20] It was this process that determined that the wooden slipway on earth last year was most likely built in 1769 nearly three decades before the discovery of the original money pit in 1,795 now that the team has discovered an additional structure. They are eager to find out if it could have been built during the same period or perhaps even earlier and make us happy.
[00:04:47] Okay. Well, we had one sample that we, uh, sent to, uh, Collin LA rock to do the dendro chronology. He said it's a or red spruce. Um, [00:05:00] it's a little scratcher. Oh, 1741 1741 is it possible that the structure was built more than two decades before the nearby slipway knocked me upside the head with a fish? You know, it's just amazing.
[00:05:19] It's amazing. 1741 now I'm surprised. I thought the, the day two would be contemporaneous with theU shaped structure. I really did. In 1741 there was virtually nobody. I mean, if you look at the foundings of these towns, none of them are that old or what's going on here in 1741 according to his Storico records, prior to 1795 Oak Island was virtually uninhabited.
[00:05:49] Other than it's occasional use by local farmers. Who would ferry livestock over to the Island so that they could graze without the need offenses. There were no reported activities that would require [00:06:00] anything as elaborate as a large slipway or loading dock. Could it be that this long structure was built by the same mysterious visitors who constructed the money pit, perhaps for the purpose of unloading and burying something of great importance on the Island?
[00:06:17] Well, I know 17 onwards. Whoa, though. What the hell is that? Fit with pushing it back further in time. Wow. What was happening here in 41 not a lot, right? Well, there were the raids on portraits. Lewisburg, they lost portraits, Lewisburg to the British before 1746 so I mean, we could look closer at those dates because maybe the fringe, I think we need to look at the need to hide something.
[00:06:42] Yeah. Chip Reed, who is a military historian filled. So right earlier this year, Naval historian and author chip Reed presented Rick, Marty, Craig, and the team with an astonishing theory, one suggesting that the incredible structures [00:07:00] uncovered at Smiths Cove could be connected to an early 18th century French Ford located some 300 miles Northeast of Oak Island and which contains similar features.
[00:07:10] And tunnels. If we look at these structures, I don't know if this structure looks familiar in any way. Well, that's the old shade structure. Yet it was chip Reed's belief that the French, while preparing for a British siege on Lewisburg in 1745 might have secretly moved a vast fortune in golden riches to Oak Island.
[00:07:34] For safekeeping a fortune, which following their defeat was never recovered. Could crank testers knows that the wood sample dates back as far as the 1740s provide scientific evidence that she breached theory might be true. So I think the trip to Fort Lewisburg can help us try to come to an understanding of what may have happened here.
[00:07:56] Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah. So if a bumper was [00:08:00] a success, we'd never have known this day. That's for a guest side. Yeah. Oh yeah. I mean, this is certainly their absolute earliest date we've ever had regarding any activity other than the cross. Somebody can drop a coin from a long time ago. Nobody dropped that log.
[00:08:16] Exactly. Didn't fall down by itself and dig. It fell five feet in the ground either.
[00:08:23] I've always said, you have to look backwards in order to move forward. We keep going deeper and deeper in the weeds. I like it. Okay. Because remember when we first stepped foot on here, I said, find me concrete evidence of substantial human activity. I said underground, but if you take the word underground out prior to the discovery, the money pit, and you know what you did it something rather massive happened here, at least in 1741 for me, that's a big deal.
[00:08:53] For the longest time I thought maybe nothing happened here prior to 1795 I think it was a [00:09:00] success the way I look at it, because we got good data and I'm happy that he thinks it was a success, as diluted as he might be. Let's deal with it and try and put it in context and move forward. Let's go. Yeah, see it.
[00:09:17] Great. Thank you.
[00:09:24] As a new day begins on Oak Island, and as the team continues their efforts to retrain the swamp, we've got a nice day for the visit. It's beautiful. Rick Levina and historian Doug Kroll are traveling some 300 miles Northeast of Oak Island. To the town of Louisburg Nova Scotia. They are eager to explore firsthand the 18th century French fortress, which according to Naples historian and author chip Reed has a direct connection to Oak Island and it's 225 year old treasure mystery.
[00:10:01] [00:10:00] If there was French Baldman on Oak Island here we have some examples of their engineering undergrads. At the time, the French had completed construction of the fortress at Lewisburg in 1740 it was considered a monument to 18th century military engineering with over two miles of stone walls, which were built as much as 30 feet high and eight feet thick.
[00:10:26] But perhaps one of the installations, most compelling features is the vast network of secret tunnels that were constructed beneath it. Tunnels, which Rick and Doug believe may contain design or construction similarities to those found on Oak Island.
[00:10:46] We now have two structures on the Island that were quite laborious in terms of their construct, right. Lewisburg wasn't, it started in 1713 and then it falls in [00:11:00] 1745. Well, when you look at the date, so we got through dendrochronology this year, or the end of the warfare, the end of the subway date, the 1741.
[00:11:10] You're right in the heyday of Lewisburg. In fact, uh, I believe it was, uh, John Baptist de LA Rochefoucauld called the Duke Danville. It was my understand that's where the Duke dongle is buried. And that's interesting. It is. In 1746 one year after Louisburg fell to British military forces, the French sent a massive Armada to Nova Scotia in an attempt to seize back their conquered fortress led by the Duke dome.
[00:11:42] V a member of the same Rochelle called family that boasted direct ties to the Knights Templar. The 97 ship fleet was reportedly carrying a treasure in gold and jewels, presumably in order to finance a local army. [00:12:00] Unfortunately, before the ambitious operation could be carried out, a series of severe storms delayed and plagued the doomed mission typhus and scurvy.
[00:12:11] Quickly spread among the soldiers and sailors causing hundreds to die at sea, including the Duke dome V himself. I found eight pages of what looks like a ship's log. According to a recently discovered journal, the Duke's crew after his death was able to hide the treasury was carrying on a wooded Island in Mahoen Bay in hopes of keeping it out of the hands of the British.
[00:12:38] It has been agreed that a deep pit dug. The pit to have a secret entrance by a tunnel from the shore, and I mean a great quantity of treasure, and they appear to be in this Bay. I mean, it fits in every aspect. Exactly. Could it be that the surviving members of the Duke Don V's mission. Chose Oak Island, not by accident, but [00:13:00] because they knew that a vast treasure vault had already been built there.
[00:13:04] One that was established centuries earlier by members of the Knights Templar. Lewisburg is a fascinating place and there's incredible history there. Duke veal is buried there who made P part of a hypothetical reason. As to what was done here on Ocala. I mean, we're not that far away, but I look forward to just actually just seeing it.
[00:13:28] Yes. I hope there's some answers here. That's my hope. Yeah. As Rick and Doug continued their journey to Lewisburg. All right, and here's . Lot 27 yup. Jack Bagley, Peter Fornetti and metal detection expert. Gary Drayton continued to search for clues on Oak Island lot 27 alright, mate, we've got the magic wand.
[00:13:52] Let's make some magic.
[00:13:58] size it up as chunky. [00:14:00] Yeah. An FD chisel. It was on this same lot seven weeks ago that Gary, Jack and Peter discovered what was later identified as an ancient chisel, but chisel that Gary believes could be connected to the 14th century tumbling tools known as wages that were found on lot 21 because the recent hurricane battered and stirred up the Island service.
[00:14:26] Gary is eager to search the area once again in the hopes of finding any newly exposed clues or valuable artifacts. It's a good place to start. Okay. Area to find some good stuff.
[00:14:52] You don't want to go for it. Don't, don't feeling any love at the moment. [00:15:00] Something, yeah. This is a nice repeatable signal. Go ahead. Dig that. Like
[00:15:19] clever is Excel.
[00:15:28] well, we go in there. That is nice. A bit of cool led. Hmm. No worries. Good. Let me find cute led on old sites to have a Gander. What's that little knob for? Yeah, that little knob reminds me of a sprue when they make Muskett bulls. So they would pull them in a mold and then they would snip to all the musket balls off on the line, and this would have just got thrown away.
[00:15:56] It's old. It's seventeens only 18 onwards. [00:16:00] A musket ball dating as far back as the 17 hundreds is it possible that the team has just found another piece of physical evidence supporting ship reach theory about the French military burying treasure on Oak Island in the early 1740s. Maybe there was some sort of military force on Oak Island.
[00:16:21] We know that there were French here, so maybe we'll find more evidence of the area to be able to pin down exactly who it was. Oh, chips. Let's see what's on the beach. All right, we will follow you. Nice low tide. There's a lot of lower beach expos. This looks good. I'm going to stat zigzag and Danae.
[00:16:56] That sounds fairly good. Yeah. It's just a, yeah. Don't say that. Say Beth,
[00:17:03] [00:17:00] whatever. This has been here a while. Yeah. You got that ride Jack, that Jeep that's got lung detected a lot. I lied. I look at that. Take it real easy, mate. Oh my God. I liked the look of this look. You see what I'm seeing? I'm going to have to get down and dirty on this for Mike. Alright, let's scrape some stuff up.
[00:17:30] Could be a good one. Watch your fingers. It could be shot. Look alive. Yeah. What the heck is that? Is that it? Wow. It's an encrypted conglomerate, so there's something inside of that. Yeah. That's nice. I knew. Who knows what's in this.
[00:17:56] Oh, what's that? It's just a big conglomerate. [00:18:00] It could be anything in a while, exploring the beach on lock, 27 metal detection expert and Gary Trayvin, along with Jack Begley and Peter for Nettie, have just made what could be an important discovery. You never know what seeing something like this. That's why it's called
[00:18:17] And then crucified object. Now what happens is an assault war environment, all the sand and the shells, they becoming crusted onto the piece of iron to salvage. Guys love these on the shipwrecks because they bring them up and they find gold and silver, mainly coins attached to the eye and object. And that looks to me like an artifact.
[00:18:41] Oh Lord, I can see the shape if it, that's an old ax, and that could be an old act. So as well, and you know what? Yeah, this could be either a tool or a weapon, and you're right, it goes, yeah, it's an asset. Wow. That looks like an old as well. [00:19:00] This is 17 hundreds baby going to be older than 1700 it really could.
[00:19:05] This could be older than 17 hundreds could be, for example, a ship's rigging. Yeah. A rigging ax dating back to the early 18th century, or even older, commonly kept on board large sailing vessels. A riggingX was used for everyday maintenance and safety while at sea, as well as to gather new materials for construction when a shore could this rigging app.
[00:19:33] Be evidence of a ship landing on the Island prior to the money pitch discovery in 17,009 95 if so, could it be connected to the massive board Wharf recently on earth at Smiths Cove, which was scientifically proven to have been built in 17. 41 that's nice. This sticker in the bag might, yeah. All right.
[00:19:56] Awesome. Let's keep moving. [00:20:00] As Gary, Jack and Peter continue their search for artifacts on lot 27.
[00:20:09] Some 300 miles Northeast of Oak Island. Pretty impressive. and historian Doug Kroll arrive in the town of Louisburg to visit the site of what was once a French military fortress. Hey, Sarah. Hello. Good to meet you in person. Hey, to meet you in person to welcome to the fortress of Uzbek national historic site assisting Rick and Doug in their investigation is historian Sarah.
[00:20:34] McGinnis. It's a beautiful edifice. It's all inspiring. It's really phenomenally gorgeous. Yes. Yeah, and what you see here is actually only one fifth of what it originally was in the 18th century. Wow. Sarah. We have some questions that we're trying to answer on the Island. Over the last couple of years, we've uncovered some structures and we've had a Naval his story and tell us [00:21:00] that perhaps they're temporary siege works of sorts.
[00:21:03] So we are hoping, perhaps we find something of the similar nature here and we understand yet some tunnels under the Fort and tunnels under undergrad are a big interest. To us and we're hoping to find something that might be similar. Well, hopefully we can find some answers for you. That'd be great.
[00:21:19] That'd be fantastic. And what I'd love to do first, so I'd love to see where the Duke Donville is buried. All right, let's go see him first. These people long ago were committed to building this on such a large scale. They did it because they had to, and that's the key enigma of Oak Island. Sometimes you think, Oh, you know, they couldn't have gone down to the bedrock and the money pit area.
[00:21:41] They couldn't have tunneled to Smiths Cove. And then you look at this and you realize it is possible. We'll go into the chapel now. This is where the Duke Danville has been. Buried
[00:21:55] in 1749 after Louisburg was returned to the French, the [00:22:00] English took the Duke Danville, who is previously buried in what's now Halifax Harbor, and sent his remains here and they were entired under the alter of the chapel
[00:22:13] doula rush for cold is the last word. The Rochefoucauld family has been of interest to us the last couple of years because of some other documents we've been looking at on the Island. We're tracing some possibilities that that family may have had some of the answers for which we seek. Not only was the Duke don't V a member of the Roche McAllen family, which in turn had close associates with members of the Knights Templar.
[00:22:39] But the name Rochefoucauld is also featured on a mysterious 14th century map of Oak Island given to Rick Lavina by his close friend. The late author and researcher seen a helper. It is one of three maps that were found in an ancient book. And which suggest that the Rochefoucauld's work in some way directly connected to the [00:23:00] Oak Island mystery.
[00:23:02] So is there a crypt beneath here that is accessible? Yeah. It's not a crypt as many people would think of it, but there are a number of burials underneath the chapel. One of the things we were hoping to find or see some original works so that we could see it as it was built in the time. Is there anything like that here?
[00:23:18] Definitely. That'd be great. Yeah. Let's go.
[00:23:26] So the case mates were constructed to protect civilians during times of war, and they were one of the only structures that remained standing after the British destroyed the fortress of Lewisburg between 1760 and 1768 so these are the ones you can get an idea of the construction. Whoa, Rick, come and look at this one.
[00:23:47] What's your impression of that?
[00:23:53] Drain system. Yeah. That's what caught my eye. Rick.
[00:24:02] [00:24:00] Oh yeah, no, we were talking earlier about controlling your water. It goes up to the dry moat, a stone drain system. Could Rick and Doug be looking at the same kind of water flow system that the Oak Island team has found evidence of over the past three years at Smiths Cove? A water flow system known as a French drain?
[00:24:27] Certainly one way to run water off, that's for sure. This is very cool. I can't wait to see what you show us next. Alright, let's go look at that. Fortification that you were wondering. Excellent. I just find it exceedingly strange that the drain system in the original fortifications there certainly have an appearance of some of the structures that we saw in Smith's code.
[00:24:53] I just found that more than interesting. So the countermind tunnel was constructed [00:25:00] as a means of defending the fortress. So it's that red door down there. It was made so that it could be filled with powder, and if the enemies were approaching, the powder could explode. And cut off enemy attack
[00:25:16] dating back as early as the ninth century BC counterminds or a kind of defensive tunnel, commonly utilized in warfare for the purpose of preventing enemy attempts to dig beneath walls or other fortifications. These countermind tunnels would often be rigged. With booby traps such as explosive powder.
[00:25:38] Unfortunately, we can't go in because it's home to a back call on me right now. But one neat thing about the countermind tunnel is that is one of the only features that still in the same condition that it was from the 18th century. It was never destroyed and it hasn't been reconstructed, so it's stuck in time.
[00:25:55] It's a lot of work when you think about it, because the land is really marshy. It's a good [00:26:00] ways out. So underground. Then. When they built it, the head have a way to manipulate the water. They had to deal with that. Yeah. A tunnel one that was built through a marshy waterway. Could it be that the same engineering knowledge used to build the countermind tunnel in the surrounding swamp at Lewisburg was also employed in the construction of Oak Island's elaborate network of booby trapped flood tunnels.
[00:26:26] It's what we're constantly amazed that. On the work on Oak Island, right. All the tunneling, all the shops. I mean, the amount of work, you know, a tunnel is a tunnel. Digging underground is digging underground. Interesting. To see the plans. We can definitely look into some plans if you're interested. Yeah. Be very interested.
[00:26:43] Oh, let's head out. Great.
[00:26:48] We pulled some plans that we thought you'd be interested in, and these actually show the countermind tunnel while visiting on nearly 300 year old French Naval fortress in Lewisburg, Nova [00:27:00] Scotia, Rick Levina and Doug Kroll had been given the opportunity to examine not only the actual plans of the Fort, but also the system of tunnels that exists beneath it.
[00:27:12] So the canter, my tunnel is 180 feet and it's in the shape of a cross without, that was fairly interesting. We have a cross on Oak Island, Nolan's cross, which is a. Collection of precisely arranged folders to form a cross toggles laid out in the shape of a cross have written, Doug just found their first piece of concrete evidence connecting this 18th century French Fort to Oak Island, and more specifically to the megalithic structure discovered in 1981.
[00:27:52] Known as Nolan's cross, so you don't know if there's an engineered drawing of the tunnel. It's like a, [00:28:00] sorry. No, not that we know of. But there are some images hold. There are, yeah. So it's hard to tell because of the flooding
[00:28:14] that's cool.
[00:28:20] Oh, it's gorgeous to do that for 190 feet. That's a significant straight as an arrow. Math comes back and do it again. And we've always, we've always wondered, you know, like the tunnel is that problem. Oh, Kyla. And how were they able to do that? Straight as an arrow? I suppose it just depends on the time and precision you want to put into it, but that goes to
[00:28:46] Commanding control because look what was achieved here. Visiting Lewisburg was exceedingly interesting. They were able to manipulate water underground, I. E. specifically to create that [00:29:00] tunnel. So what did they know? How did they come to learn of it, I. E. moving water? They certainly were able to do it.
[00:29:10] Could it be done here on the Island? Well, we don't want to take up anymore of your time. You gave us some great takeaways. There's a tunnel right out here that says you can drive a tunnel in a wet environment and keep it dry. That's interesting. Thank you guys for coming. I can't thank you enough.
[00:29:33] one day after his visit. To Lewisburg. This is a paved area, right? There were Billy's digging and Rick Levina and his nephew, Alex, arrive at the triangle shape swamp. Now that the area has once again been drained to the point where it is now safe to begin excavating, they are eager to resume this year's plan to fully reveal the mysterious stone paved walkway discovered earlier this [00:30:00] year.
[00:30:02] Hey bell. You know dr Spooner is gonna want to come out and take a look at it. Yeah. As you dig, maybe you might want to swing some of it over there. This one pile is already there and stride. All right. How deep do you want to dig here? I say we dig until we can't dig any deeper. Yeah,
[00:30:24] because the recent hurricane has significantly stirred up the bottom of the swamp. And once again, buried the possible stone walkway, the team will have to carefully dredge out several feet of water and muck without damaging the structure. I have to remove myself. I've got another, uh, errand to run. So if you'll be in Billy's eyes and boots.
[00:30:44] Okay. Anything you see that might be all of the ordinary. Yep. Bye. Stop us down. I'll call you. Okay? Yep. Thanks, Alex.
[00:30:57] We're going for the whole enchilada, if you [00:31:00] will. We're going to try to expose it in its entirety and hopefully we'll get an idea of the length with. Get a cross section of it and look at it and see how deep it really is. I think we all have some hope that it's much bigger because then cleanse itself to the belief that it's manmade
[00:31:24] and belly. That's a lot of stones in the side there. We clean this off. Maybe. Something I would think we're looking for flatness too. I'm not sure. I'll get a little more of that brand stuff off and then we'll pick them all out. See what's there. Yup. Sounds good. As Billy Gearhart uncovers the Rocky surface now, Alex, Hey, doing geology is Terry Matheson arrived to help identify if the feature is natural or manmade.
[00:31:54] Unfortunately, the waters come up. Quite a bit in here, so you can't see the edges as well. Approximately what depth did you [00:32:00] get the boulders? Probably about five feet below that. Maybe a little bit more at the maximum depth. Okay, so those are probably classics. They're not limestone and they're not the gypsum we find deeper, so I'm surprised to see what I think I were taught in counter and about 120 feet downs.
[00:32:20] And the money pit area boulders near the surface that would otherwise be found more than 100 feet underground. Has Terry Matheson just identified potential evidence that the stone paved area is manmade? I'm hoping it'll reveal a little bit more of the wall to you. Okay. Let's keep digging as is all about.
[00:32:50] As another new day begins on Oak Island. Brett, good to see REO. Rick Regina joins his nephew, Alex geoscientists, [00:33:00] doctor and Spooner and heavy equipment operator. Billy Gearhart. At the swamp where they are continuing their efforts to expose the possible stone walkway having located what they believe to be the outer edge of the structure.
[00:33:14] The team is now carefully washing away layers of mud and debris that was deposited during the recent hurricane. There was a lot of water. What is the area that you want to see over here in the paves? Hey, I just want to get very a 10 foot long by the whole window. Section, get it clean. See what it looks like.
[00:33:34] The paved areas, certainly a well defined target. We want to remove the organics and the sediments and visually inspect the paved area to ascertain whether there's anything there worth investigating. It looks strange to me, illustrates to me too, so we're in agreement. There's something strange. The main thing about it is.
[00:33:55] You've got all these rocks that are all fitting together, and my problem is from a geo point of view, [00:34:00] straight geo, all those rocks, that's not common. It's almost as if the rocks were brought in and I don't, don't quite know why that is very strange. That's the paved area right there. It's fairly flat and fairly consistent.
[00:34:18] Is this different enough for you to say. This is natural or the hand of man being introduced here.
[00:34:32] It's different enough for me to consider that I would like to clean off like a 10 by 20. CFA is exactly what we see here. Yup.
[00:34:48] The paved area in the swamp is exceedingly interesting. It truly is an unknown. You know, when we go looking for a shaft here and there, we have some background, we [00:35:00] have some history. This thing. As a material lawyers out of the ether. It's quite uniform. It's level. My initial thought is this is indeed manmade.
[00:35:14] Having finally exposed a portion of the Pavestone area, a chap, Hey, Gary. Hey Gary. Rick is called archeologist Laird Nivon down to the site to examine it. So that is the feature that we are troubled by right over there. Okay.
[00:35:34] It doesn't look like any natural formation. It looks like one to you. It looks like if they've been introduced. You didn't think so. Yeah. I can't see any natural way for it to get here. So you've never seen anything like this before? No. No. Would you finish this? Yeah. I'll get that water moving bell and then you can remove the rest of this.
[00:35:57] Yep.
[00:36:06] [00:36:00] My mind rounds too. All the work it took to build this paved area. I've done a lot of stone work, myself and my younger days, and uh, this is an enormous undertaking building. It was probably a lot more difficult than it is uncovering this. But we have to uncover it because we need to know what, when, where, why, and how.
[00:36:31] And the hope is that we will be able to investigate it. So here's a thing. I don't know what to make of it. I mean, I think we all. To varying degrees of belief that this is something out of the ordinary, but I do know this. It's just made the swap that much more interesting. Absolutely. Yeah. So to that end, I think tomorrow morning we'll have another go at it and see what it looks like.
[00:36:58] Yeah. [00:37:00] There's something stranger.
[00:37:08] That's a puzzle. One day after successfully exposing part of the Pavestone feature at the swamp, Rick, Regina and geoscientists, dr Ian Spooner returned to the site to see what else may have been revealed. Now that even more water has been removed, my issue is if this was just dumped. Mike laced or something like that.
[00:37:30] It would be piles. It would be a little less horizontal. You'd see these unrelated bit, but it's straight across. You have to have somebody to do it. In my mind, somebody created a surface, you know, I truly want to send my brother some photographs of this and then I, I'll give him a call. I'm sure he's going to ask your opinion.
[00:37:52] I'm certain of that. We have the significant mystery ongoing in the swamp. Because the paved area is [00:38:00] proving to be quite a puzzle within a puzzle. They're all, Hey, morning. What's up? I have dr Spooner here, and we're looking at the so-called paved area. I sent you some photographs, which I think you have.
[00:38:15] I'll be honest, my eyes and boots perspective, it's manmade. Uh, there's these layers of stone above the tail. That have no clay around them and yet have swamp sediment around them that has to be manipulated. I can't find a natural process that would've led to this. It's a manipulated site. I've worked in these environments and in a similar environment, but it's nothing like this.
[00:38:44] To me. It's like. Somebody came in and put the small rocks on the bottom, just like building a road and then put the bigger rocks on top of that so that I think precise. You don't mind on our other flare, [00:39:00] he said. He has no explanation other than it's manmade. Wow.
[00:39:13] I don't know. Well, if you go seaward we're on a line, like if you have the eye as a excavated site, if you have this paved area as a filled insight, maybe trying to make a platform something solid. And then if you go seaward, you have the deepest portion of the swamp where it was actually an inlet. It all lines up with the peninsula cutting through it.
[00:39:40] And so was this some kind of work surface. If people brought boats in a work surface, like a dock possibly used for boats or ships and located in the middle of the Oak Island swamp, could the team have finally on earth definitive proof that this swamp [00:40:00] was artificially created centuries ago and that his ship or sailing vessel was offloaded here and then sung.
[00:40:07] In such a way as to hide all evidence. This is why it is a two lane road. No question about that. Yeah. It looked pretty interesting. Let's try to figure out a purpose for this thing. I can not then. Right. This is not what I expected to see in how clear the interface is and how orderly the stones look as if they're placed.
[00:40:32] I have always thought the swamp held some sort of information. Maybe not everything but something. I mean, it's just very strange. It shouldn't be there. Take another profile, and if you find any evidence of disturbance wall there you, Oh yeah, we can. Thank you for the update and I'll be out there all right.
[00:40:51] Take care. Bye. For Rick. Marty and their team on earthing, what appears to be a manmade stone [00:41:00] platform or warm in the middle of the swamp is nothing short of historic breakthrough discovery. One that may prove to be just as critical to solving the Oak, either mystery as finding the original money pit, but who built it when and for what purpose.
[00:41:19] Those are the questions that weren't answered. Might very well provide the keys to solving the entire Oak Island mystery and could in turn. Change the history not only of North America, but of the world. Next time on the curse of Oak Island, 90 foot stone, the Wolf's new port RFI Rick work at this one. I think we found it.
[00:41:43] Yeah. Whoa. The eye of the swamp. Connects it to the area. It's a really old Tom Olin. That's awesome. Holy Crow. What the heck is this a school? We've taught them the [00:42:00] smoking gun and paved area. There's manmade. Alright.
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2020.01.31 21:34 oak54 The.Curse.of.Oak.Island.S07E11.720p.WEB.h264-TBS[rarbg] Canadian viewers don't look!

[00:00:00] Tonight on the curse of Oak Island. What is that? Stop. There you go. That is exactly, but thread phones. Any idea on the age they could have been done in the 16 hundreds we've got someone here, Whoa, look at this. Just come with an app. It's weird from the original money pit. Wayne founded. It was a huge storm coming category, wanting it's headed right for us.
Anything that can become a sale has to be tied down. It could be catastrophic.
There is an Island in the North Atlantic where people have been looking for an incredible treasure for more than 200 years so far. They have found a stone slab with strange symbols carved into it. Mysterious fragments of human bone and the led cross whose origin may stretch back to the days of the Knights Templar.
To date, six men have died trying [00:01:00] to solve the mystery and. According to legend, one more will have to die before the treasure can be found.
alright, let's get after it. Well, let's clean that up and see what we got through it. Okay. After obtaining scientific evidence that the Oak Island swamp is not only manmade, but also could date back to the time when members of the Knights Templar are believed to have visited the Island brothers, Rick and Marty Lavina and their partners have redoubled their efforts to excavate the area.
And find out what may lie buried within it. They are particularly interested in exposing the mysterious stone walkway discovered by diver Tony Samson earlier this year. I'm excited about [00:02:00] digging in the swamp and getting answers every time. Hard scientific data pushes human. Substantial activities back behind 1795 it moves the dial for me.
The data says there's something worth dig in there, and so that means we have to dig it. Absolutely. Hey, rack, I'm going to back up and take another trench load and say, yes.
Unfortunately, they will have to work fast as the team has just been informed that a powerful category five hurricane known as Dorian is making its way up the Atlantic coast and is expected to hit Oak Island in a matter of days. Dorian laid a beating on The Bahamas, particularly the Eastern part of grand Bahama.
Today, the area is bearing the scars of this ferocious system. More than 70,000 people have been left homeless
[00:03:00] with 185 mile an hour winds and heavy rainfall. Hurricane Dorian has already caused catastrophic damage in The Bahamas as well as widespread flooding. And power outages across the Eastern coast of the United States. A direct hit on Oak Island could cause extensive damage and constantly Gina's millions of dollars.
It seems every forecast looks more like a direct hit. It's weakened somewhat, but here's the thing, it's going to impact the activity. It's going to impact the swamp. My guest is going to fill it right back up. You know, it does look a bit ominous. If a worst case scenario happens, I think the exploration effort would turn into a cleanup effort for the rest of this season.
I think we'd be done with time running out. Rick Marty and their partner Craig tester are determined to make one more breakthrough discovery in this swamp.
[00:04:00] Pull it back a little further. This right here? Yeah.
I wouldn't leave the rock. Huge. Yeah, it's a big rock.
Can you pull this back a little more that way? Yup.
he sees up nearby right.
[00:05:00] What is that? I think we got something right here. Blank. A piece of wood. Isn't that his or her race day? Oh, one two, three, four, five, six. There's six cuts on this one. That is exactly what Fred phoned. Woo man, it, there you go. After draining the swamp in 1969 Oak Iman, treasure Hunter and land owner Fred Nolan was astonished to discover several uniform lines of wooden survey stakes, which when later carbon tested were found to date back as far as the 16th century, how far from the beach where these items falling?
Do you recall. They were pretty well in the middle of the swamp and we found a number of survey stakes in the swamp. What do you make of that? Well, the swamp is important. No question about it. [00:06:00] As a professional land surveyor, Fred believed the stakes had been used to artificially create this. Wong could, the wooden stake, the team has found be another one of these ancient markers and could it be connected to the Pavestone area?
The team is located. If so, the burning question is what exactly was their purpose? It's not as big as what Fred phoned, but it's certainly worth, I mean, we'll keep it and we'll test it. Exactly. You're on the posts line, so that's a good thing. All right. Bag it and tag it. Let's keep going. Yeah. Let me grab a tag.
That was a great start. It was almost unbelievable. I mean, drive right over that big old excavator, take a few scoops. Survey state. Yeah. Couldn't have gone any better. When Fred first mentioned that he thought he had fallen some survey [00:07:00] stakes into the swamp. That was intriguing and compelling, and this looks similar.
Towards red phone. Billy, why don't we switch out? You can keep going. We'll do our best. Yeah. So that belly, if you could just scrape the top and then we'll take a look. Yep. So we'll keep going along at this depth, right? Yeah.
the one Craig. Oh, yeah. Much longer. He's have to be the ones. Yeah. Got another one. Look at that. Nice. Sure. Is pretty hit and it's just really pretty . Okay. [00:08:00] I'd say maybe we do a little bit more that way just because in the grand history of Oak Island, guess what's bearing down on us? I know. You know, a hurricane.
This could be underwater again. We can be right back to square one in days. Yeah. All right. Then let's dig as the excavation of the swamp. Continues. All it takes is Wong. Good, fine line. Yep. Jack Begley and metal detection expert Gary Drayton. Continue searching the spoils. Recently excavated at Smiths Cove.
I don't think it was pretty much done with this pilot, you know. Well we should go for that good stuff cause that was on the knee fat structure. So let's see if we can get looking like all man, this is interesting. It was while investigating the structure one week ago that the team discovered a decorative piece of lead, possibly connected to the medieval cross found two years ago in Smiths Cove, [00:09:00] which was dated to be over 700 years old.
If this led, this piece led Gary phoned at the end of the slipway had the same origins as the cross. From the same mine in the same time period. It lends credence to the whole thing and you connect the cross to the slipway. It's the same construct by the same people who we've always looking for the who, what, when, where, why, and how of things, and this might connect those disparate dots.
Let's got to this good Sandy stuff.
Billy to don't miss it must be of interest. Soil. Air has been really churned up. Yeah.
Signal air Jack. All right. Scream up.
[00:10:00] Wow.
Wow. Nice. One line while metal detecting the spoils excavated from the end of the slipway at Smiths Cove, Gary Drayton and Jack Bagley have just made what could be a potentially significant find. One of those small Cribbins spikes all rural iron I mistaken that very well worn. They're all such share the same.
Kind of shape me. All of that little, one little area that's corroded more than anywhere else. I think it's exciting. It's a couple of hundred years old. No, say East. That's the same day. As the slipway, well, [00:11:00] maybe even older. In the past four weeks, the Oak Island team has discovered a number of similar objects in this same area, but could the cribbing spikes that the team has been finding at Smiths Cove also be connected.
To the recently discovered led artifact, and could it offer evidence that the newly unearthed wooden structure is actually much older than the slipway discovered last year, which was scientifically proven to have been built in 1769 this is a really cool spike and it's an oldie as well. This has been sitting at the side of the slipway for a hundreds of years, but I am a little bit dismayed.
But lack of facts or coins from the guys who built the structures. It baffles me that we're finding so little. Yeah, it's bologna. Ed. Scratch in mind. Yup. So long giving up mine as Jack and Gary continue their [00:12:00] search for artifacts at Smiths Cove in the money pit area for other new hall, FG 12 it is Alex Levina and geologists, Terry Matheson, along with other members of the Oak Island team.
Are continuing and exploratory drilling operation. To trace the chef to tunnel back to the original money pit constructed in 1805 by the Onslow company, the shaft featured a horizontal tunnel at a depth of 110 feet, which had been dug in a failed attempt to bypass the areas. Legendary flood tunnels because shaft too was documented to live 14 feet away from the original money pit.
The team is hoping to use it to pinpoint the exact location of the fabled treasure vault. All Alex picked is to the Southeast of a proposed case on good position. Yeah. Where's it going to end? [00:13:00] Oh, hold the phone one week ago while drilling near this same area at a depth of 108 feet, the Oak Island team found promising evidence of a manmade flood tunnel suspected defeat seawater.
Into the original money pit. We've got a persona big can right here, believing they are closing in on the fable treasure shaft. The team is now searching for evidence to help them pinpoint the best location for a large scale excavation. I think we're. Close to the original workings. I think we need to continue to look to all aspects of of this trail information trail that we're currently on, and that's exactly what we're doing with these, with these clues, I think we're doing everything humanly possible to close that out, and we're certainly very near to the original money pit.
What do we got? Come 18 and a half. 18.5 thank you.
[00:14:00] Stick of wood. You still got wood. Wood is good. It's just black darkness going on here.
It's disturbed going. Does that mean that could have come up and out of Headon or. Chap too. That means that, you know, people dug down into that. Right. Okay. We still got hope you get that right. Later that afternoon, Rick, Marty, Craig, and Billy Gearhart. Are continuing their effort to fully expose the mysterious Pavestone area.
It is a goal they are anxious to achieve as hurricane Dorian continues to make its way up the Atlantic coast toward Nova Scotia. The hurricane is bearing down on us. You know, we're watching it closely, you know, through weather apps and things, but we've got just a little window of time before that thing hits hard.
So we're going to [00:15:00] keep digging in. Start from the far end, going to almost . Straight and we'll dig a little trench and join our sub behind the painting area. Pull these all out right here at all. Go. Yeah. Okay. I'll get up with him for the time being cause I can help him observe. The pave dairy is one of the prime targets in the swamp, and we hope to find out, is it really a paved area, first of all, and is it manmade and what might be its function?
Maybe two stories here may be the money pit mystery, the Oak Island, traditional Oak Island mystery. And this paved dairy might have something to do with something previously unknown. Alright, cut. Let's go clear up.
any water in depths, Craig or [00:16:00] dry? Dry.
Can't be much deeper. Do you want to jump down in there to see how far it is?
Try to go down there.
Right there. This isn't exactly walk around material. Sorry. Wreck. Lot of rock. It's kind of flat. You can stand basically on a level surface once you get past that. Definitely on the bottom.
It's just you can't see anything, but if you put your hand here, he can feel. Let's Stolz now. So this one's laying flat too. Pretty huge. Yes. They shouldn't leave it in place.
[00:17:00] Plus there's a rock right here.
Is it feeling like what you're hoping? Oh, there is a lot of stone down there. Yeah. You're definitely on the bottom though. I think if we can get it close and then clear out an area that is a lot of water coming in there. Yeah, that's what we're just thinking. It's getting deeper as we're watching it. How in the heck are we going to be able to actually look at that?
I think you have to dig a ditch and get all this water to fall into the ditch. Well, I just wondered about bringing the other excavator to try and dig into that pit and get this to go there. Yeah, because the hurricane, you know, that's gonna make this math. Yeah. Well, we have to do something, so, all right, I'll go get that.
Although the team has done extensive work to drain the swamp, the thick mud in [00:18:00] vegetation that covers the area is making it nearly impossible to fully dry it out. Because of this, the team will need to dig a trench alongside the mysterious paved area in order to siphon off the water and muck obstructing it.
They will need to work quickly. If they want to expose the structure before hurricane Dorian kicks the area, I thought it would be possible just to physically go in there and shovel it off or sweep it off. But that's proving not to be the case. So we're going to have to think outside the box, if you will, and try to come up with a way to.
Really get a close look at it. If he could just enlarge that a little bit.
That's flown. Good into here now. . There's just too much water in there. That's all
[00:19:00] Oh, you got new knowledge. Pumped that down. I think it's opened up. It's just. Flowing back that way. I think we can just go ahead and get the pump going. Okay, well let's get after it.
As the team continues to draw water away from the mysterious paved area in the swamp. I'll grab the next one. This is 98 Marnie Levina joins members of the Oak Island team at the money pit area. To check on the progress of the drilling operation at the end of the chef to tunnel. Everyone knows that they must work quickly as a powerful category five hurricane.
He's making its way up the Atlantic coast toward Oak Island, a [00:20:00] hurricane that depending on how hard it hits, could destroy months of progress if not shut down. Operations altogether. Hey Marie, talk to me guys. What did we find? Oh, that's at 74 feet. So chunk of wood straight and saw marks on it used to be straight song.
We'll straight as, okay. Same as we saw in shaft too. That's good news that he could be quite old. How deep are we now? We're down to one Oh four one Oh four yet there one more layer in there. Can we get that one? I'll pull it in. Okay, I'll go grab it.
Alright. Is around 106 and that's bad. It's sediment. I love it. Here. Look at this aisle. Bought that. This is hand cut. This is cut with an ax or going to go right here. Can you see the reflection on the X [00:21:00] cut? You see that? Yeah. I do need, it looks like this looks a lot older than the head and shower. Wow.
Yeah. That's very old. Ax. Cut wood. Bounded at depth of 106 feet near the suspected end of the shaft to tunnel. Could it be part of that structure or could it actually be part of the original money pit? There's a cut from this side as well. So somebody who's been at this with an ax, that's really interesting.
We haven't seen that in any of the, uh, timbers from any of our intersections in hand. ORM shaft to yup. And we know ahead and use the circular saw. You had one on site. Any of the stuff that came up when you knew you're in the head and shop. Did any of it look that dark and old? Now the key thing is the relatively thin means head is very uniform and six by six this means Oh competent.
Makes me think maybe we're just skimming down the road side, the potential money pit chap. Wow. It's the money. Peds. Yeah. Everything's lining up for this to be [00:22:00] the original money bill area. That is quite remark. I think we almost have to certainly see 14 but absolutely. For Marty Levina and the Oak Island team finding what could be hand-cut wood from the original money pit treasure shaft, the location of which has been lost for over a century would be nothing short of a historic development.
One that makes them both excited but also cautious until they can prove it. This would, that doesn't look like chef to and doesn't look like any of the more modern chefs. Hadn't a chapel. Any of those, you know, we want to believe that perhaps it's wood from the original money pit and see if we can find out what that is.
Cause that could be original works. Hopefully we can get proper samples and submit them for scientific analysis and come up with a definitive date because it could be original. It's possible we're deeper than any shaft or tunnel that we've hit in that era today. Deeper than the shaft [00:23:00] to tunnel deeper than shaft too.
This is good news. Stay with it. This is pretty cool. As another day begins on Oak Island, hurricane Dorian continues to close in and is now projected to make landfall in one day. A hurricane warning in effect for Halifax all the way off towards Cape Breton. There's also a hurricane watch for the rest of the province with winds of 150 kilometers per hour in gusts.
So the strongest winds will be on the right side and the heaviest rain on the left. We're up to 150 millimeters of rain could fall at the very latest from Halifax as the core drilling operation in the money paid continues some 20 miles North of Oak Island, Alex Levina and metal detection expert. Gary trade arrived at the Ross farm museum.
Located in the nearby town of new [00:24:00] Ross. Here we are. That's good. I love this close. All right. They have arranged for blacksmithing, expert Carmen leg to examine the Caribbean spikes bound this year at Smiths Cove. In hopes of learning, whether they may have been used to build the 18th century slipway or possibly during the construction of a different and much older structure.
Oh, look, a hair. How are you doing? It's not too bad yourself. Pretty good. Brought you some more stuff. We've been busy and Smiths Cove, certainly it looks like it, and we brought lots of ion to show you wonderfully. It'll give us some good ideas on this. All right. I'll try my best. Move this out for you shortly.
See if we've got any hidden gems in the box. Alrighty.
He's all came at the same area. Bottom of the slipway, all same kind of size. You can see it as this particular one has a fair [00:25:00] thickness on both ends. Yeah, fairly square. But these free, they've all got that same, they do. They do. And this one is very, any mystery. Why is it a hollowed out in the middle? Well, that's what unusual.
Yes, it is. The only thing I can say that these were inserted near a poached and these would hold everything in place. Right? Any idea on the knives? Just bug oddball them? I'm gonna say probably before 1820 before. Oh yes. Yeah. Old. They could have been done in the 1600.
At the Ross farm museum in new Ross, Nova Scotia, black smithing expert, Carmen leg has just given his assessment that the cripping spikes recently discovered at Smiths Cove could date as far back as the 17th century. These were inserted near opposed or a heavy rod to make a heavy, [00:26:00] thick wall and these would hold everything in place.
So yes, it is. I mean, they've been there a long time. That was fin, the bum pale. That was from the bottom of the slip way. The ways out. Yeah, yeah. Salt water, environment, which, and, uh, the reason why the so badly corrode it is know would this be how far under the sea level, uh, my finger we was as deep is eight feet below sea level.
That would be a reason for all these wires and hollered out like way. Yup. They would drive a anchor pin, gin, bedrock in the bottom, and then form these wires around and depending and folded in with some sort of clay or limestone Schmidt. Whatever, and to make a dry dock repairing ships. So this is like an older form of Reba.
Yes. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, exactly. Best guesses are for reinforcing a wall that was built along the edge of the main center. Every time we visit Carmen [00:27:00] leg, I'd come away really, really impressed. I never would have guessed that these artifacts could tell you so much. He's looking at the striations in the metal.
He's looking for where points, looking at the little nuances and saying, okay, well, this was designed this way for this purpose. And the spikes are pretty interesting. It's definitely old. There's always a chance. It's related to the initial deposit. Well, I think what we really need to do is keep looking.
We'll come back and see Larry gales. Alright, thanks again. Come back with tears
later that day. Rick Levina and members of the team. Continue to work swiftly at Smith's code, especially now that hurricane Dorian is expected to hit Oak Island in less than 24 hours. Dorian is accelerating. It's also growing in size. Tomorrow at this same time, winds could be gusting upwards of 150 kilometers per hour.
So the [00:28:00] latest, well, this is a category one hurricane, but the national hurricane center. Has it intensifying as it approaches back up to category two strength. And we are expecting to deal with these winds, but it's really the surge and the waves that are going to be a factor as well. And you can see off in the distance, visibility is still great.
The system is far away, but residents are preparing. We want to get a piece of Denver off of it. For dendro testing the spike that was falling right at the end of the slipway. Well, anytime you find an artifact next to a, what we know is a human construct, while that's important, it might tell a little story.
So we'll dendro sample this and, uh, we should get a really firm date. The hope is we'll come to an understanding of the full extent of the slipway and why it might've been constructed. Perfect. There you go. Also known as tree ring [00:29:00] dating dendrochronology studies, the size and pattern of growth rings, which develop during the course of a tree's lifetime.
This data can be used to determine not only how old a piece of wood actually is. But also when it was cut for use in construction, knock us off here and then take a slice off air and give us a good pace. The less damage, the better.
We've now all come to believe that dendro is a very precise tool, which may give us. Very specific answers to very specific questions. And so having this piece of wood and being able to send it off is critically important to coming to an understanding as to the the date range that the structure was built.
We'll say a fair side. Oh, he needs 50 rings, you know? I mean, we have the slipway we know already is 1769 I would love to see. This data [00:30:00] inconsistent with that, that would mean that this is obviously not contemporaneous with. That's too many strange things don't in Swiss coven. So you gotta utilize every science there is, and we need to, mandrel appears to be able to one of the most accurate.
So see what happened. I very much look forward to the answers.
It is a new day on Oak Island. Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in a matter of hours, but even though it has been officially downgraded to a category one, it's 90 mile an hour winds and heavy rain are still capable of causing major damage. Now that things are closing up. And people are preparing or the evacuations at this point, they are being asked to leave, but it is not a mandatory evacuation.
Basically the worst of it will be later this evening and they are expecting why does spread power outages as well? Hurricane Dorian, it's headed right for us. I mean directly for [00:31:00] Oak Island. That gives me a queasy sort of, I don't know, sense of foreboding. They're been through a hurricane before, but I'm about to be in a race against time.
Brothers, Rick and Marty Latina arrive at the swamp where their partner Craig tester, along with surveyors, Steve cocktail and heavy equipment operator. Billy Gearhart. Have resumed efforts to excavate the recently drained paved area. Hey guys, channel man, man. It's something calm before the storm and it's something this could be underwater again.
Yeah, I know. Do you see any evidence of paving Craig? A lot of these rocks, you step on them. And they, they tip right out. They almost sink. There's not flagstones I can tell already, right? There's no, I mean this one's pretty flat, but not what I was imagining. Hey, Barry would be, so there's an elevation change.
We started about two and a half feet under sea level on the East side, and we [00:32:00] move up about a foot and total there's an EDS. It is linear a little bit for sure. Oh yes. What kind of day would it be without tracking her own in the fretted swamp? So what Tony was feeling with these potentially up, and they are right at the same level also, I think like here we started digging in two seconds.
You don't know what you're looking at it. It just fills into fast water. Yeah. So there's a lot of market's gotta be cleared out by hand at some point in time. Yeah. I mean, cleaning this off is. Easy to say, but in two days we don't even know if we can dig here again for a long time. I agree. There's a huge storm coming in is going to cause significant problems here.
Anything can happen when giant storm is bearing down on us. Yeah. Although the team was hoping to fully uncover the mysterious stone paved area before the hurricane hit the Island, they are now out of time, [00:33:00] even at a category one. Hurricane Dorian could still cause significant damage and jeopardize what remains of this year's search operation.
What do we need to do to prepare Rick? All the gear needs to be put in areas that. Trees won't crush them all. Deal with the logistics on the Island. You have to think about the, the center that you want to pick up. All the plywood. You don't want it floating all at all. The plywood houses all go airborne to exactly anything that can become a sale has to be put away or tied down.
All right? We're wasting what little time we have left. Okay. Get after it.
[00:34:00] The full force of hurricane Dorian. Now being felt here in downtown Halifax, winds are whipping upwards of a hundred kilometers per hour and they are bringing down entire large trees, littering the streets, and that's only going to go up as the full force is a belt over the next few hours that is under cut.
There. There's no road on your hair. You see that right? There was no road under here. How far though? At least the here. Oh yeah. We've got to let this die down and Mark all this, but nobody should come here right. Kind of a foreboding. I mean, I've never been a believer in the curse or anything, but how can you help but feel that there's something weird about that after all the stories on this Island, the curse and this and that, and then here comes the storm right on time.
[00:35:00] Amazing. There are some strange things that happen on the silent. I'm not going to say there aren't, but we have things in front of us that we need to do because if we don't, it could be catastrophic and really good. By mid-afternoon, high tide saw strong storm surges, pounding the Halifax Harbor and rocking ships at the dock.
Late in the afternoon, a construction crane collapse onto an unfinished building downtown. A clear example of the danger with this kind of wind
coming right across here. It's getting worse or done.
It is hard to believe that just yesterday evening, the eye, the center of Dorian was directly overhead. Since then, the sky is cleared out. The sun has been shining all day and the full context of the damage that Dorian cause. Is finally being realized here in [00:36:00] Halifax.
Two days after hurricane Dorian battered the Eastern coast of Nova Scotia with winds of nearly 100 miles per hour. Rick Levina and the project manager, Scott Barlow, returned to Oak Island to assess the damage of particular concern is how the storm may have affected the teams. Ongoing search operations, especially with regard to the swamp, who didn't get the worst, but we certainly got hammered and the force of nature, nothing to be reckoned with.
The road here was in really, really bad shape, and we do need to stake this and figure out exactly what the footprint needs to be, things we might as well stop here and it starts taking, let's get out there before the tide comes in. I think their stakes in the back on grant. Let me,
let's do that. Start [00:37:00] sticking right here.
We don't need to go that far because all we really have to do is recreate what we once had. It looks like the shoulder was that ledge line, right? Yeah. Really what happened was. This stone that was here was in Thailand. Yeah. Lay of cysts to repair hurricane Dorian's powerful winds and storm surges have washed away more than two feet of surface area from the Causeway that connects Oak Island to the mainland.
It is now too dangerous for any heavy equipment to be safely transported onto the Island. And the Causeway took a pretty good beating. Uh, uh, it, it needs repair. Without a doubt. It needs repair. It's unsafe. At this PM had that storm gone on another couple hours, I think it would have. It would have made it impossible.
No, we might have lost it then. We might have lost it.
[00:38:00] I think that's plenty, right? Oh yeah. Well, we have a plan. Just got to implement that.
Wow. You take stock of what the weekend might've been and what it has turned into. You know, there's good news and bad news, not, not a whole lot of good news.
I think we got somewhat lucky because there was concern whether it was coming in from the North. Yeah.
That's not good.
Well, let's go see what's happening.
[00:39:00] This is underwater. We've got water up to the road and the swamp. That's bad. Yeah. Finding the Oak Island swamp completely flooded with water. Well, not surprising. Presents a frustrating setback, one that will take precious days to overcome for today. You know, we're going to reconfigure these hoses, get that swamped on as fast as possible.
So in the meantime, what do you want us to tackle? The trees, the trees, and there's some of that cleanup on the road. And if you can get those things done and we'll get that swamp drain down. Yep. All right. Very good. Okay. Thanks.
The hurricane has been a huge disruption. Smith's co did not suffer any damage per se, but the swamp is full of water. [00:40:00] It's going to take at least a week to drain it and get it back to the point where we can actually access the areas in the back. But I will never give up. Never. Believing in Oak Island. I wanted to be certain that the search continues until answers are absolutely known.
Let's start this one
for the Oak Island team a week that began with promising new discoveries. Has ended with yet another frustrating setback, but regardless of the obstacles placed in their path, Rick, Marty, Craig, and the other members of the team, or remain undaunted, theirs is a true fellowship based on a collective determination to solve.
A centuries old mystery. And as with every such fellowship, nothing will succeed in stopping them, [00:41:00] especially when they are convinced they are closer than ever to finding the truth about what happened on an obscure Island off the coast of Nova Scotia more than 200 years ago, and whether a vast vault filled with priceless treasure.
Lies right beneath their feet.
Next time on the curse of Oak Island, whatever. This is the vent here. While it's an old accent, this hacks could be a weapon. That sample came out beat 1741 what the hell does that. Fit with the raids on portraits. Lewisburg. Oh, Rick, look at this one. The drain system looks like flood con, lower box strains.
Whoa. We're uncovering something here that people haven't seen for hundreds of years.
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2019.11.08 04:48 dougfir1975 Tropical and sub-tropical trees are hard, this paper might help...

Anomalous ring identification in two Australian subtropical Araucariaceae species permits annual ring dating and growth-climate relationship development. Haines et al. 2018
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2019.09.17 18:58 stroke_bot respectfulness topoi spilitic desireable dacryohemorrhea

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2019.04.29 19:28 squee_chan Outright ryhmes

This poetry is random
Like the patterns when it's raining
sometimes it don't make sense
But it doesn't need explaining
People always need an answer
Try to find out what it means
Looking for an allegory
When nothing's behind the scenes
Maybe I just like rhyming
And piecing together words
Maybe I dig enunciation
And playing with random verbs
Word's don't need our emotions
They're doing their own thing
But they come together nicely
Flowing out like dendro rings
People tell me rhyming's dated
Not how poetry should be
Maybe if they found a groove
They'd like the harmony
So I'm going to do me
And just let you do you
I'll Let my cadence flow
And then bid you all adieu
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2018.11.17 21:18 OldDriller Dendrochronology and you.

Hi there, Old Driller here to point you toward doing a little homework before the next shows on a technique they MAY (hey, its OI and Prometheus) use in future episodes. When they start uncovering some larger finished wood structures in Smith's Cove and with some of the previous samples hauled up from depth, they could probably use the technique/study known as Dendrochronology to further focus the actual dates the lumber was harvested and, therefore due to the custom of harvesting/building together in earlier times, putting a more accurate date on when something was built.

While Carbon Dating is very useful, I'm sure you noticed the "wiggle-room" they always give, sometimes 75+ years. Combining the two techniques may at least put a far more accurate date stamp on when something popped up on Oak Island.
I would also recommend they go back and analyse that triangular piece of lead found on the beach, as well as some of the metal artifacts they have uncovered to get a better date on the metallurgy/smelting/forging historical time they were created. I 'm glad to see that Science has finally been discovered in greater amounts on OI.

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2018.11.11 17:00 autotldr Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a 12th century home in the Cowgate which was built before Edinburgh itself.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 57%. (I'm a bot)
Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a 12th century home in the Cowgate which was built before Edinburgh itself.
"John Lawson Archaeologist for the City of Edinburgh Council told us the story. He said:"This is a building roughly dating back to the first half of the 12th century.
"We suspect that because it's cut through by a large ditch which dates to the late 12th century/early 13th century."
"They look at the fragments of pottery which are coming out of the ditch. He explained :"The pottery is of a type that dates from that period.
The good thing about the building is that it has these large posts so hopefully we can get Dendro dates telling us when the timber was felled to give us a bit more of an accurate spot date.
"But because we have this ditch - this ditch looks like a boundary ditch. The boundary ditch in this area and of that period, we would normally expect that would be the town ditch so that goes along with the formation of the burgh in the 12th century."
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: ditch#1 date#2 century#3 building#4 Archaeologist#5
Post found in /worldnews, /EverythingScience, /Archaeology, /AncientCivilizations, /sciences and /Scotland.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2015.11.13 22:13 RyanKinder [MODPOST] 4 Million Subscriber First Chapter Voting! (Round 1 of 2)

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Ah! What a fun week it was. You all performed wonderfully and towards the end the entries were streaming in fast and furious. I've read many of the entries and know that it's going to be tough for all of you to choose a winner for the group you're assigned.
All the entries are in and there were 121 entries in total! You all did an amazing job just by completing something. No matter the outcome, you've hit a mark and you're in the game.
For these contests, to ease your task of reading and voting, we do two rounds. The first round, people are grouped together randomly. The second round will be the winners of the first round competing against each other with EVERYONE from the first round voting.
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2015.11.13 08:10 Xiaeng [PI] DendroMagics - 1stChapter - 2687 Words

Since the First Era of his Majesty’s reign, mankind has long fostered a strange obsession with magic. Ever since the first lightning bolt caught on fire and some neanderthal with a god complex tried to burn down the witchdoctor’s hut, the idea of sorcery has always been a rather philosophical point of study.
Magic, the ability to will things and solve problems in the most practical, yet strangest of ways.
Many a wisemen and a number of the clergy have poured their efforts, time and time again, in hopes of cracking the secrets.
How does man turn lead into gold? How does man create a remedy that heals all disease? What value would the alkahest bring to mankind? Can I bring my lover back from the dead? Can I make sure that shithead won’t try to cheat on me with that bimbo Anne next door? How do I steal a corpse without being caught?
All of these are questions, yes. Pointless questions that bared no depth into the true inner-workings of magic, as people would later discover.
Days turned to weeks. Weeks-to-months. Months-to-years.
Runes were strewn on every wall and cave-tunnel that marked the land, as bright minds smashed their skulls together to figure it all out. To meet their end, mankind would do the strangest of things.
Babies were roasted on the spit. Orgies of blood and bone roared through the night-fields of amber waves of grain. And men dared to answer that dreadful question of “Hey, if I died tomorrow? Which one of my friends would you have sex with?”
The answer was Anne. But that’s beside the point.
The crowned king himself put out an initiative, promising great rewards to whoever can show him a spectacle he’d never seen before. Someone who could prove to him that magic, in its mystic splendor, truly did exist. All it took was a simple flame, a spark, anything out of the ordinary, really.
The reward? A seat in his personal count as a magical advisor and the treasure of golden riches beyond his wildest dreams.
At that time, a certain witch, in a certain black hat, walked up to His Majesty’s castle and knocked.
One of the last to try and offer up their mind for hopes of that wonderful prize. Should she succeed, her village would be saved, her family would take her back in, and her dear baby would finally have something to eat that night.
Her palms shivered as a hickory stick and glass shard pressed into her skin, tearing against the flesh to allow the warm blood to mix with a nervous bout of sweating.
She clasped her arms on the stoney floor of the throne room, as the First King rolled his droopy, tired eyes, chuckling as the woman prepared her odd string of incantations. To this day, not even the most dedicated of historians could recall the incantation in its entirety…
That’s what the historian will tell you at least, but they’re a bunch of long-winded tea-sipping tarts who don’t know the difference between a hex and a curse.
Finally, the air turned thick and pungent. Before the king’s eyes, an odd black film appeared, visible to all in the courtroom from the guards, the noblemen, the chef, the serfs, and that bitch Anne.
Green haze etched itself onto the clear black.
It was done.
Magic had been proven.
On that black before the king and his court, read two simple words, in giant, blocky characters.
And that’s where the story should’ve ended. There’s a big happy ending and the witch lives on in leisure and happiness.
Of course, that’s not what actually happened.
In her glee, the witch went on in extravagant detail about her methodology. Every last bit of knowledge and technical skill she had acquired in her ten years of experience was poured out onto the throne room for all to hear, from how she condensed power into the glass to what more she could’ve done with her expertise.
She completely and utterly gave away her main selling point. Smart woman, great at programming, terrible at marketing.
Now that everyone knows how to imitate and copy the technique, what good was some so-called expert in the matter? Bring in the young and they’ll do it better. They’ll spellweave on super-efficiency drugs for what’s basically pocket-change, for all that mattered.
The witch was kicked out with not a single coin in her purse and died shortly after her baby did.
The court magician, on the other hand, who lived lavishly on “his” magical research and incredible marketing skills, dabbled in some voodoo drug abuse, screwed four different brothel workers, and died as any man should.
In his own bed, at the age of eighty, with a belly full of wine, spanking a honey-covered mule all night long.
“Crap, crap, crap! I’m gonna be late! I’m gonna be late!”
These were the first words that came out of Olive’s mouth when she woke up to the sound of chirping blue-jays, the sight of blasting sunshine, and the taste of yesterday’s leftover mayo-bread.
Her silky nut-brown hair sat strewn all over her hair, twisting and tangling in a mad display of knots and curls that resembled the deep, dark woods somewhere off in the wilderness, where the Olde witches would often hackle maniacally while brewing their cauldrons and enchanting the ravens.
Olive took one look in the mirror that morning, turned to the clock, and decided to just go on ahead and jump straight out the window. Her legs stretched through her usual wool pants just fast enough to land face-down on the dirt without tearing.
Directly across from her humble lodgings at “Grimble-Thistle Adobe,” the company horsebus had finally drawn by to pick up the wage-slave.
At last, Olive would have a few moments of respite to herself, she packed some crackers and a canteen of tea the day prior! At last, at last! She wouldn’t have to wait until lunchtime to finally get some food into her scrawny, skinny belly-
Wait, that’s not her bus.
That’s not a bus at all.
“Ahh! Top of the morning to ye, Miss Olive! Shouldn’t you be at’ work or somefin’?” asked the rider atop the wagon, a wide grin sitting upon his warm, red face. A bottle sat shattered as he jabbed the horse’s ass to bring it to a stop.
It was that annoying taxi driver from the Market District again. That piece-of-shit bastard who’d always clog up traffic on her way to work, causing her supervisor to dock off her precious minutes.
Mind you, those minutes added up when you have some hardass boss breathing over your shoulder like a dog who just happens to be starving to death because you forgot to “feed it all week” or “bathe it at all” or even “just didn’t notice that he doesn’t have legs anymore.”
“Piss off, John! Don’t you have to be drunk somewhere else?”
“Mail service, wake-up call from the DendroMagics, that company you work for!”
Olive sighed. “What message? Also, why’d you say that last part? Nobody likes the guy who introduces themselves by giving exposition you know.”
“Yes, DendroMagics. The magical company that you work for as a ‘softmagicware’ developer or whatever… According to ‘em, they says to you, ‘You’re late. Get your ass over there before you’re fired. Also, get Goch and Briar on your way there; We know you live close by to them… Oh, and horsebus is cancelled.’”
“Ugh... Mind giving me a ride then?”
John nodded and pulled the back door of the wagon-transport open to allow the girl on. It beat walking, she supposed. Better to rest one’s feet before spending all day on your ass staring at strings of letters and numbers on a crystal-ball projection.
She hobbled her tired knees over to the end of the wheeled wood-bucket.
As she reached her hand to pull herself up, the door immediately closed, the horses up top neighed furiously, and John set off with a maniacal laughter.
“You piece of shit!”
“Hah! Lady Gray sends her love, bitch!”
Olive had literally no idea who that was. Nobody really knows who anyone is in this town these days. It’s all writing applets, begging VCs for funding, getting a series A going, and then crashing and burning while hoping to make another hit for the next year.
Olive didn’t particularly care about any of that. All she’d wanted in her life was to make it big writing code, and maybe, just maybe, creating something that might “make the world a better place” or “revolutionize the way people live.”
Follow that up with a few buzzwords, bham. You have the pitch for a witch’s start-up company right there.
Hard, grueling work goes into that sect of work. Some people, unambitious or simply too conservative, think themselves a bit better by working for big industry instead, like Olive. Olive, who was currently running down the street like a coffee girl in search of her coworkers.
Speaking of hard and grueling.
“Hey, you two, get up,” said a dark-skinned developer as she kicked a matching pair of twins off her bed and onto the clean floor of her private home.
“I… that was… wow,” said the man as he gathered up his clothes and made himself decent.
“Wow’s the right word for it,” his sister squeaked, staring up at the tall Briar with eager eyes, “You really have to go to work? I mean, we had a lot of fun-”
“Yeah, don’t really care. Get your shit and get out. My landlady’s gonna get pissed if she finds extra occupants around here.”
Briar yawned. The cuckoo-clock had rung several minutes ago and the two towheaded toys she picked up from last night stopped her from getting any work done before the weekend vacation.
Oh well, the horsebus would wait. Might as well take a piss, a shower, and eat some breakfast before heading out.
“So… you wanna, meet again tonight or anything?” the sister asked before her brother pushed his way in.
“I think we can all agree that she’d rather see just me this time… I was putting the most work out there, you know.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me.”
Oh god, thought Briar. Stragglers. Not again. The last time she had a some hot piece over for pettings and quick frottage, she couldn’t get that celibacy preaching psychopath until she applied for the restraining order.
With twins! Freaking twins! Why, that meant she’d have to pay out extra and waste time on court proceedings.
That’s time that could be spent mindlessly wandering the local brothel for new additions with low self-esteem, goddammit!
Quick, Briar! How do you get yourself out of this situation!
She turned and smiled, “Yeah, Olive! We’ll meet again tonight, sure!”
The twins blinked, “Who’s Olive?”
“What’re you… oh, shit.”
“Oh shi-” they said in unison. “Oh my god! You’re cheating on us! I can’t believe you, Briar! We’ve been dating for months!”
Felt more like weeks.
“Listen, honies. We can work this out, can’t we? Think about how good last night felt…” she mockingly purred, gritting her teeth.
“... No, no, no! I can’t believe this! You damned witches are all the same! Never care about anything besides your stupid crystal balls and sexual infidelity!”
“Actually, most of those cystic-acne face code monkeys are pretty fucking ugly. Or fat,” Briar shrugged, grabbing a jar of mayo from the cooling box and eating the stuff raw with a spoon.
“You are the most rudest, worse, disgusting person I’ve ever met!” the brother said… or was it the sister? They sound the same anyway. “We’re leaving!”
“Oh. No. Please. Don’t.”
And with that, the two weirdo twins scrambled off, huffing furiously and ignoring the heaving and huffing Olive as she climbed her way up Briar’s window to the sight of a scantily-clad tan women in purple granny-panties.
Briar smirked, “What’re you doing here, bitch?”
“Horsebus… it’s not coming… we’re gonna be late… for downsizing.”
Not coming and downsizing were the two words that Briar knew were in her vocabulary. She tore through her dressing cabinet with the speed of a man trying to get those last few strokes out and jumped through the window with the jar of mayo in hand.
“Come, Olive! We’re gonna be late!”
“We are late, you idiot! We might get there in time for downsizing though!”
“Hope we’re not the first out!”
The duo got to the company door of Dendro just before the stroke of ten. Olive was about to die of a heart-attack from the extended running, while Briar felt her stomach try to kill itself and start a revolution over the copious amounts of white glop still shaking around in it.
A shorter, red-haired girl opened the door to let them in. Her eyes were covered in bag-after-bag. Short stubby hands held a tiny wand and a glass orb as she led them into the conference hall.
“Sorry for not waking you up, Goch. I’d thought you’d already be here earlier than me.”
“I was.”
“Why’d the company tell me to try and pick you up then?”
“They didn’t.”
Mayonnaise was beginning to do its unholy evils on Briar’s inside already. At any moment now, the dogs of war would be let loose to cry havok as day-old leftovers and midnight escapades twisted and contorted themselves into a slimy mess.
Goch merely eyes Briar for a moment before biting into a hen’s egg that she was hiding into her hair.
“You both have terrible eating habits, you know that?”
“I don’t need to hear that from you, anorexia,” Goch rolled her eyes, coming face to face with the meeting-hall doors.
She stared at it for a moment, as if waiting for something stupid to happen.
Briar and Olive, feeling that same odd feeling of dread themselves, stood by and waited.
If something dumb and inane was about to happen, then goddammit, those three were lazy enough to not try and get involved.
So they waited.
And they waited.
And they waited.
Finally, the clock hit twelve while the three were sitting outside munching on hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and literally just air. The meeting hall was still packed and loud. Voices roared over each other trying to be heard.
“Hey, Briar?” asked Goch.
“You ever finished fixing the skeleton-printer downstairs?”
“No, the dungeon boss keeps coming out and challenging me to a fight to fix the paper-jams.”
“Goddammit, I need that TPS report out by Monday. You know they’re making us do new coversheets now?”
“Dammit. I just got that thing done yesterday. There goes a whole two hours of redoing it all over again.”
Goch got up and stretched her arms, grabbing the nearest vase off the closest pretty table. “Well, let’s go kill that son of a bitch and get that jam fixed then. Might as well do something.”
“We never actually do more than three hours of work a day, don’t we?” Olive wondered aloud to herself, flipping through her crystal orb for any new messages from her supervisor. “Seriously, what’s going on in there anyway? Sounds a bit like a madhouse.”
Briar didn’t answer, she was too busy pulling the retractable broomstick out of nothing-space to care. Her thoughts laid in the paper jam and only the paper jam. The paper jam that didn’t really exist.
This was the last straw, that printer needed to go down.
“Come on, Goch! We’ve got a war to go to!”
“Hella,” came the reply.
“You guys, destroying company property is sorta illegal, you know?” Olive protested while breaking open the emergency box closeby to grab the fire-axe.
“That thing isn’t property. That fucking printer belongs to Satan itself. Well, mustn't keep the gods waiting,” Briar clutched her fist and marched off.
“You know, this would all be really badass if it wasn’t for the fact that this is completely retarded,” said Goch.
Olive only nodded in agreement and headed off with her two psychopathic friends to beat the printer and the skeleton guardian to death.
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2014.11.15 23:30 alpha4centauri Journal of Decedent Elaine Anderson

Document entered into evidence
Inquest 2014-348
County of Greenfield
Journal of Decedent Elaine Anderson
Recovered from Computer Hard Drive on Property
March 1, 2014
We moved in today!! I am so psyched about the possibilities of this house and property! The old farmhouse needs a lot of TLC after 150 years, but it's well-built stone with solid rafters, hand-chiseled from the wood of the chestnut trees that used to be so abundant around here. I had the great idea of starting a journal about our life in this house. Maybe 150 years from now, this will be part of this house's history that someone else will enjoy reading.
Doug has so many great ideas of how to renovate the interior. His job/commute doesn't allow him a lot of hours at home for hands-on work, but his firm is doing so well -- even in this economy -- that there should be no trouble hiring top-quality craftsman from the nearby Amish community to do the work, in keeping with the historical character of the house.
So he is in charge of the house, and the grounds and outbuildings are all mine! There's plenty of room for a victory garden, so we can have fresh produce all summer. I want to learn how do home canning, so we can enjoy the bounty of our land all winter, too. They have classes in canning and other home crafts at the Y in the center of town. I'm sure I'll want to attend plenty of those in order to get to meet people. The homes are so spread out around here, I can't just walk next door to have a cup of coffee with a neighbor. Sasha, our Lab, is fun to take out for her walks, but she's not much of a conversationalist!
Tomorrow I'll stake off the garden and I'll get started preparing the soil.
March 4
Well, I will be getting plenty of exercise this spring. The soil hasn't been cultivated in years. It's packed pretty hard. And some of the "weeds" are more like small trees and shrubs, The roots are thick and penetrate deeply into the subsoil. And now I know why they chose to make the house out of stone -- no shortage of big rocks, here, either! I've read about how much better it is to do no-till gardening, so I'm giving it a go, but I'm not sure how much difference it makes with all the digging I'm doing, trying to excavate these roots.
Sasha is amusing herself finding little animals to chase, so she's not in the way, fortunately. There are workers in the kitchen putting in new cabinets and counters, and the bathroom in the master bedroom has been re-tiled already. The rest of the house can be done in stages, but those areas really had to be done first to make the place liveable.
March 10
Well the excavating has become a little more interesting. It looks like part of the area I chose for my garden was used for dumping family trash. There are old bits of pottery and glass. I am saving the pieces, in case I can put together a whole item. Maybe there will be something valuable. I won't have time to research much until I get the garden planted. The last-frost date is nearly here, and I had wanted to get my lettuce planted good and early.
March 30
Eureka! I think I actually found some little buried treasure worth keeping among all the bits of trash. It's a tiny bottle of a beautiful cobalt blue color. The outside is a bit roughened by being buried so long, so I don't think I'll being going on Antiques Roadshow, lol, but it's still quite pretty. It would look cute on the shelf over the sink where the sun comes in.
It took me forever to get all the mud out of the inside of the tiny bottle though. And I had to rub around the raised lettering on the outside of the bottle for a long time to clean the muddy clay off the closed portions of the "e's" and "o's." I used my fingertips instead of a brush, so I don't think I did any additional damage to the glass surface. It's still hard to read -- something like "Hunyon's Minted Bromo." Or maybe "Munyon's." I guess a bromo was an antacid? They must not have had much heartburn back in the day, if they only needed a bottle that tiny to cure it!
The garden is ready for planting. I picked up some seeds last week to start planting this afternoon. Green beans, navy beans, lettuce, beets, carrots, corn. I've already planned the layout for the tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and eggplants that I will buy in flats from the nursery.
I had been disappointed that Doug wanted to put off getting pregnant until we had the construction inside the house finished, though I knew he was right about not wanting me exposed to anything nasty when we started scraping paint and tearing down water-stained ceilings. But planting this garden is definitely keeping my nesting instincts well-satisfied. This is actually a lot of fun!
April 8
Grrr. I'm getting annoyed. I've had some dirt caught under my fingernail since I cleaned off that bottle. I'm used to the dirt, of course. But I've taken to rewarding myself for my hard work with a long soaking bubble bath in our claw-foot tub every night, and my nails are a least clean by bedtime, even if they've been torn up a bit during the day.
But that right index finger just hasn't come clean, and it's been over a week. It looks so dirty, I had to wear nail polish to conceal it when I went to my canning class yesterday. First time I've bothered with nail polish since the gardening started!
But anyway, I really looked at the dirt when I tried to clean it out, so I know what it looked like yesterday. Today, it definitely looks like there is more of it, not less. It's weird looking, too. I can't really put my finger on it. But it looks different than the dirty fingernails I've come to know and love this spring.
April 12
Okay, now I'm more than annoyed. The "dirty fingernail" stuff is now spreading onto the tip of my finger. It looks like I dipped the tip of my finger in some type of dye. I'm making an appointment at the doctor's. I hope it's not some type of skin cancer. Doug noticed it too, and he is taking off work to come with me to the doctor. I love him so much!
April 20
Well, I met my new doctor, and she's really nice. I'm glad she's not the type to try to pretend she knows everything. She was very honest and said she had no idea what it was. She checked my circulation and nerves and movement and everything, and it was all normal. She said she was reassured that the dark color is just on the surface layer of the skin, not down to the lower layers where she would expect a skin cancer to arise. Now that she points it out, I can see it, too. It seems like it should just rub off the surface. Except it won't. She's referred me to a dermatologist. Unfortunately, the first appointment isn't for a month.
April 27
I had the follow up appointment with my doctor today. The black color has already spread up to the the knuckle of my finger. She tried not to scare me, but she looked really concerned. She telephoned the dermatologist herself, right while I was in the exam room. She got me an emergency appointment for tomorrow. It's a bit of a drive. I'm glad Doug's job is letting him take off all this time to come with me. If I get bad news, it would be really hard to drive home alone.
April 28
I saw the dermatologist. I wish I could say more, but he pretty much just popped in and out. He had his secretary schedule me for "P-time" next week, which I gather means "procedure time." He wants a biopsy, but he doesn't do them the same day as the office visit. I'll have to wait another week for more information. I'm getting nervous now. I was hoping he'd say, "oh, that's just fingerblackinosis temporaria, it goes away by itself in two months." I was happy to have a primary care doctor who was willing to admit what she doesn't know, but it doesn't make me feel so good when the specialist doesn't know, either.
May 5
The dermatologist took a little "punch" biopsy on the side of the finger. It's a round hole cut into the skin with a little tubular-blade knife, about a quarter-inch across. The "punch" comes out in the center of the tube of the blade and gets sent off to the lab. Fortunately, the scar won't be very noticeable ... unfortunately, that's because he had plenty of skin to choose from. He took a piece at the edge to the enlarging black area, where it is spreading over the normal skin. It's halfway to the next knuckle now. I've stopped attending canning class because I can't conceal this black fingertip.
May 15
Oh. My. God. It's like the biopsy lit a match to a pile of oily rags. The black color has stopped spreading in a continuous "front" and has burst into this branching pattern around my hand. It's almost pretty, like a henna tattoo. But it's not a healthy brown color like henna. It's this unnatural grey-blue-black color that doesn't look like anything that ought to be on human skin. I'm keeping my gardening gloves on, even in the house, even when there are no workers around. I can't stand to look at it. But then I go into the bedroom by myself and pull off the glove and look anyway. It's like a train wreck in slow motion, where you can't stand to watch, but you can't look away, either.
May 20
Back to see the dermatologist today. The biopsy showed nothing. I mean, seriously NOTHING AT ALL. They couldn't even distinguish the black area from the normal area of the skin under the microscope. The dermatologist wasn't all rush-in-and-out like he's been before. He sat down and really talked to me today. He looked pretty unnerved to see the branching pattern that has started. And when he checked the biopsy site, there was no scab, no scar, nothing. It's like there never was a wound at all. He was kind of apologetic and said something about fixative and decoloration and whatever, like there must be some explanation for the nondiagnostic biopsy, but he clearly had no idea what the explanation is.
He asked me to come to the Dermatology Society Meetings next week. Apparently all the "interesting" patients are invited to sit in little rooms while dermatologists from all over the area march in and out, giving their opinions about the diagnosis. It sounds demeaning, but at this point, I want all the smart people I can get looking at this. I'm getting scared. It doesn't help that I've pretty much got no one to talk to except Doug.
June 2
Well the dermatology meeting was a surreal experience. Who knew there was enough work to employ so many dermatologists in this area? They brought their residents and students with them, too. They shuttled in and out of the little room where I was sitting, all afternoon. Some of them were nice and tried to be reassuring. But others had horrible bedside manners and just talked among themselves as if I weren't there. One self-important jerk was spouting off about how it was obviously dendro-something argyro-whatsit and how a biopsy would clearly show granules of something. Then one of the students innocently asked about the biopsy that had already been done, which he would have known about IF HE HAD READ MY HISTORY BEFORE OPENING HIS BIG MOUTH. It would have been funny watching him sputter and backtrack while looking for the non-existent punch biopsy scar. Funny, that is, if it weren't my arm we were talking about.
The black, twisting tendril pattern is up past my elbow now. The branching pattern isn't like anything a henna artist would have done, either -- the angles are ugly and sharp, and the tendrils look as if they are covered with stubby, hairy roots. But it still just looks like a color change on the surface, with no change in the texture. The dermatologists were feeling my arm all over looking for something with texture, thinking it would be worth biopsying. I'm almost ready to let them take the whole damn arm if it stops this thing from overtaking the rest of my body. It shows no sign of slowing down or of being satified with the part of my body it has claimed so far.
I'm still working the garden, of course. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. We've got delicious fresh greens for our salads now. Doug baked homemade bread last weekend. He's doing most of the cooking. His job has let him cut back on his hours, thank goodness. I'm afraid to touch the food we eat with my bare skin.
Not having neighbors in walking distance is seeming like a real advantage now. We haven't had any workmen at the house in a while. The projects they had started will just have to stay half-finished.
June 13
I want to cry. It's over my shoulder, onto my breast, and up my neck. I won't be able to keep it under my clothes very much longer. I don't want to be a hideous monster when I go out, even though I don't go anywhere but doctor's appointments anymore. The dermatologist did another biopsy, and it still looked like completely normal skin. Everyone is mystified, and frankly, if they weren't trying to be "professional," I think they would be freaking out. They wear plastic gowns and gloves just walking into the exam room with me now. They prescribed a bleaching cream.
I'm not even thinking of having a baby anymore. We haven't had sex in weeks. I keep my skin completely covered in bed, even though it's getting pretty warm at night now. Doug is so supportive. He tells me how beautiful I am every chance he gets, and he seems to believe it. I will treasure those words, even though I think he is deluding himself when he says them. I am so lucky to have a man like him.
June 29
Onto the face. It has spread up the neck onto my chin. I am trying not to let my food touch it as I eat. I don't know if it makes any difference. I wasn't being careful like this when it first started. Maybe the same thing is happening on my insides, and I don't even know it. The bleaching cream has had no effect at all. The dermatologist started me on steroid pills.
I told Doug we should sleep separately. I don't want him to be infected with whatever this is. He wouldn't hear of it. He says he won't let me do this alone, even if he ends up in the same condition, even though neither of us know where it will end. I am so blessed!
July 8
Do I even care what I look like any more? I'm getting fat on the steroids, and the creeping blackness just keeps spreading. And just when I had resigned myself to a future as a side-show freak, I woke up today to see a tendril spreading INTO my nostril. Oh, my, God, what happens now?
Sasha has suddenly started behaving strangely. She whimpers and slinks out of the room when I walk in. I know she's a dog and can't help how she behaves, but I feel so dirty. Doug moved her kennel farther from the house, and we're letting her stay out all night, what with the summer weather and all the land to run around in.
July 20
I have never had a headache this bad in my life. Doug drove me to the emergency room at Greenfield Hospital. We're both realizing this is much more than a skin problem. They shone lights in my eyes and pricked me with pins and had me walk a straight line like a drunk they'd pulled over on the road. It was kind of comical, with them all in their gowns and masks trying to do the exams without getting too close to my skin. They didn't find anything wrong . They did a cat scan anyway (normal -- what else?) and told me to see a neurologist at the teaching hospital. I hope that's not another long wait.
July 27
I got in to see a neurologist today. My primary doctor called in some favors to move up the appointment, I think, because the secretary wanted to give me an appointment in October when I called. Strange to say, the headaches had stopped by yesterday, though. I've just got a weird runny nose, which they thought was interesting. They did all the same exams the ER did, plus a bunch of extra ones, none of which showed much. They set up an MRI for next week.
August 4
Doug has been so calm through all this. He's been my rock when all I could do was curl up in a ball and sob. But this morning, when he looked at me, he did a little shriek before he could catch himself. The black stuff is spreading out of the corner of my right eye, onto the surface of the eyeball. It's like it came up through the nose and out that little hole in the corner of the lower eyelid.
I got into the ophthalmologist today. At least I can get prompt appointments now. I think they must have presented my case at a hospital conference, so everyone knew the results of my normal MRI, even before I did. There were a lot of students there today, all in their gowns and hoods and masks. The word must have gone out that I would be coming in. At least I've achieved my career goal as a side-show freak :/ But they had nothing to offer. They gave me some steroid eyedrops, even though I'm still on the steroid pills with no apparent effect.
August 14
It's on both eyes now, just spreading over the surface of the eyeball, but it's made my vision dimmer. It's like wearing sunglasses all the time. I'm in the garden as much as possible, keeping busy, and I can see pretty well out in the sunlight. Indoors it's getting more difficult. I don't know where it will end. Doug set up my computer to read text out loud, and I'm pretty good a touch-typing, so I can still keep up this journal. I saw a rheumatologist, and now I have a prescription for something called cytoxan that gets reserved for potentially fatal immune conditions.
Oh, crap.
August 25
Doug saw some really pretty garden gloves with a floral pattern on them and bought them for me. He wants me to feel pretty, even if I can't stand to look at my own skin. I wish I could see them.
It's getting hard to find weeds by touch, and I dare not go without gloves when weeding plants we're going to eat. Doug's been helping in the garden now, while I watch. It helps to have the company. He's taken off work completely now. I really appreciate that.
The loss of vision seems to be heightening my other senses, though. My hearing is getting really acute. I can hear noise from some machine working inside the house. Doug can't hear it at all. He doesn't even believe there is any machine, since the house is so old. But I can hear it. Someone must have installed it sometime or another. It just chugs and whirrs day and night.
September 3
I am trying to find the radio that's been playing all night. Doug keeps trying to get me to rest by telling me there's no radio and I should come to bed. It's sweet of him, but there's no way he could not be hearing this. It's some kind of talk radio, though I can't really make out what they're saying. I think a worker must have dropped it into a wall when he was working, and it turned itself on somehow. I didn't even know the Amish listened to radios.
September 12
OH MY GOD! IT'S ALL OBVIOUS NOW! There are women in the house! I can hear them talking to Doug. He pretended to go out to get groceries this morning, but I could hear him still here, talking to them. He must have done something to me to make this black disease happen. And now that I can't see, he's brought these women into our house. They think I can't hear them, but my ears are too good for them to hide.
September 15
So happy that I had the presence of mind to put passwords on this journal. I don't want them to know that I know about them. Doug seriously thinks that if he tells me there is no one in the house besides the two of us, that I will believe him. He tried to talk me into going to a psychiatrist, but even he had to admit that it would be hard to find a psychiatrist who wouldn't be too terrified of my appearance to talk to me. Now I understand why Doug isn't afraid even though all the doctors are -- he can control this thing.
I don't know how the women are getting in and out, because I don't hear the doors or windows opening. There must be some secret passageways in this old house. I'm going to try to find them.
I'm busy putting up my canning now. But I'm hiding some of the jars in the old spring house, in case I need them. I'm completely dependent on Doug to do grocery shopping now, and I see that is a vulnerability. I put extra canned foods on the shopping list to hide them, too. So far, he hasn't noticed that I'm not really eating all the soup and beans he's bringing home.
September 26 --
The noise around here is keeping me up day and night. The women have brought their children into the house, and they're screaming and crying at all hours. (I hope they're crying because they're scared of seeing me! I wish I could see them.) I had no idea Doug was fathering all these children with other women when he was acting all concerned about my health during pregnancy. Even Sasha won't come into the house, despite the cold nights.
I am still trying to find the secret passageways. I can't let Doug know that's what I'm doing. I tell him I'm doing rehab work on the basement, now that I can't work in my garden, and he seems to be satisfied with letting me tear out the lathing down there.
He's stopped trying to make me sleep in the bedroom. How could I sleep? At least when I'm on the internet researching about old houses and secret passageways, listening to the audible-text on my headphones blocks out some of the noise.
October 6
I guess I had to know it was coming. I overheard the women talking to Doug about getting rid of me. I guess they're tired of me scaring their children. They're going to find a way to poison me and bury me in the garden I created myself. They are sooooo evil. And Doug is going along with them. Why don't they just take their brats and leave, if they don't like the way I look? My appearance must be getting pretty bad by now, so I guess it's good I can't see myself in the mirror anymore. I might want to commit suicide myself.
I now eat nothing unless it comes in a can that I open myself. I feel the surfaces of the cans carefully before I open them, and I listen for the sound that tells me there was a good seal, just in case they might try to inject something into a can to poison me. I'm still stashing canned goods in the spring house, too, in case they do all drive off and leave me alone.
October 10
I have to make my move tonight. They're talking about setting the house on fire when I go to sleep. I am terrified of being burned alive. The thought of trying to feel my way out of a burning building is filling up my head. I can't think of anything else. From now on, I must stay awake until I make my move.
October 11
I did it. I gave them no reason to suspect. While the women were all in the kitchen with their brats laughing about how they were going to kill me, I felt my way very quietly to the bedroom. Doug was snoring and never skipped a breath until my spade came down on his snoring head. It was such a relief to lie down in my own bed and sleep. To think of all the times I slept next to him, as if he were my protector. Now, it was knowing that he was lying there unable to hurt me that brought me such comfort. Wait until his women find out why he hasn't come down to breakfast today!
They and their brats have to face me without Doug as a go-between, now. I have removed the fuses from the old fuse box in the basement, so there will be no more lights. If the lack of electricity doesn't convince them to move out, I will do whatever is necessary. Tonight, I'm going to hunt every one of them down in the dark, where they have no advantage over me.
November 1
I am so miserable. I still hear them -- and I STILL HEAR DOUG. So who is this rotting corpse I have been sleeping next to? It must be witchcraft. Those witch-women substituted some demon with a Doug-voice for my sweet husband, then left the real Doug in my bed when they saw me creeping upstairs with my spade. I have killed him! And they are STILL living in my house.
I have hung my home-grown garlic everywhere. I have swung my spade wildly against the voices, smashing furniture and walls. I have felt the ground of my garden for the soft leaves of my sage and burned it in every room. But I still can't make them leave or even shut up. I am running out of canned food. Sasha won't eat the food I put outside for her, and no one else seems interested in feeding her. I haven't even heard her whimpering lately, so maybe she's run away. I wish I could run away.
I have only one option available to me. I don't want to wait for their creeping black spell to destroy me. I must die as a woman, or what's left of one. I must bring a knife to bed with me tonight and drive it into my own heart, lying next to the real Doug, whom I have misjudged. May his soul forgive me for my doubt.
--------- End of journal entries ----------------
Post script
The coroner ruled this a murder-suicide. There was no evidence of any people in the home besides Douglas and Elaine Anderson, the decedents. The journal clearly outlines her impaired mental capacity at the time of the murder. By the time the bodies were discovered, there was so much decomposition that the condition affecting Elaine Anderson's skin was difficult to evaluate, and the necropsy specimens provided no information.
I was the technician assisting the autopsies in the county medical examiner's office. After reading this journal, I am in shock.
I nicked myself with a scalpel during her autopsy.
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2014.04.24 19:27 CA_TD_Investor "Mature" 7 Gallon Bowfront
I started this tank in 2003. It was my first reef tank experience which led me into 3 other tanks over the years. This 7 gallon mini is still my favorite one to date. The pictures here are when it was nearing 2 years old. It lasted another year after this. Many items were transferred to my larger tank at home.
Here are some photos from when it was a baby. Yes, I lost the Dendro and Gorgonian because I was naive. These are animals that 99% of reefkeepers SHOULD NOT OWN, yet they are often found for sale due to their beauty.
Thread Link You can see the changes, and growth. My favorite things about this tank were the hitchiking fauna. I got some REALLY neat branching corraline algaes as well as a variety of sponges.
I just wanted to share with you all as I just found this sub today. I ran a 70 W MH and a 750 GPH closed loop on this tank with a HOB aquafuge. Feel free to ask any questions.
Shout out to JDSabin and Lunchbucket for their inspirations.
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2013.05.18 03:50 wha7thmah There has to be a way to get a little more activity going on in here!

Hey guys! So, I really love trees. At one point, I was planning on majoring in Forestry and Wildlife; however, for one reason or another I've decided against that career path. I actually took a Dendrology course at the wonderful Purdue University, and it was, by far, my favourite college course to date.
If you're interested in some really helpful material, check out this very informative textbook. It's really expensive, so I will suggest two even more wonderful books. This for tree info and this for shrubs and vines. Both of those books were written by my amazing college professor, Sally Weeks. She was the best instructor I've ever had. I often browse the Native Trees book and take walks at a local park, trying to ID as many trees as possible.
Anywho, I've been really itching to discuss trees lately, for some reason. As well as brush up on my Latin names. It would be awesome to get this subreddit to take off a little better. So here's my plan:
I really thought I had more ideas than those two... Hopefully you guys will have some of your own ideas as well. And maybe you would like to take some pictures of trees you have chilling in your backyard and allow us to try and figure out what species it is! That's what I miss most about my Dendro class... Taking in as many details as possible and then trying to determine the species, trying to recall the english; latin; and family names.
Sorry for the ramble! But let's get to it, guys. I think trees are amazing and so different, and you must think that too if you're already subscribed!
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