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Balonthorn's Ne Salas Journal

2016.03.29 22:05 Commander-Gro-Badul Balonthorn's Ne Salas Journal

[Note that the original journal was written in a late Bosmeri dialect, and that this is nothing more than a translation. It is a good one though, if I do say so myself. I only needed symbolic aid from the Sentinel Mages Guild in translating this. Stibbons did the right thing, bringing this to me. - Lady Clarisse Laurent, 2E 583]
Journal of Balonthorn, Common Era 647
So, I'm not really used to writing journals, but now that I've been assigned to this incerdibly boring Ayleid ruin I've got to spend my time doing something. So I bought this journal in Elden Root, a vellum one of course (don't want to be seen as a pactbreaker, you know). Am I supposed to put dates in here? I probably should, shouldn't I?
CE 647, 22nd of Last Seed
I've been sent off together with a few other Bosmer to the Ayleid ruin of "Ne Salas". I don't know what it means, but it sounds frightenly much like what my mother taught me about Aldmeris (the language, that is. Why am I clarifying this anyways? I'm the only one who's going to read it, presumably). The reason the commander gave us was that some High Elves up in Hammerfell had discovered a portal that led to Ne Salas, and that they had contacted Elden Root. He said something about a "Corelanya clan", but I wasn't really listening. Young Bosmer like myself shouldn't get assingnments like this, we're better of fighting Khajiiti marauders.
CE 647, 24th of Last Seed
Now we have arrived as Ne Salas. It's not as grand as I imagined, almost completely overgrown. It'll probably do as a temporary home though, probably. It's not that wet inside though, the Ayleids did know how to build after all. The commander is taking us down into the ruins, I hope that he doesn't see me write this; or I'll be as good as Ooze. We have reached the portal chamber. It's quite remarkable, impressive even. As everything Ayleid, it's quite overdone. There is a small bulb of star-like light in the middle of the chamber, I guess that that's the portal. Damn, he's seen me!
CE 647, 25th of Last Seed
The commander spotted me writing in the journal. I tried apologizing, but it was to no use. I was just able to see a tall, dark-haired Altmer come out of the portal before I was thrown out of the room. I almost feel like a little child again. Kynd is child in Ayleidoon, right? With only old Ayleid inscriptions to read I've been forced to learn a bit of the language. One of them read "As bala Merid-Nundae - silan av loria", but I really have no idea what it means. The others told me that the Corelanya (is that how you spell it?) wanted to engage in trade with Elden Root, and that we would be the middle hands. The Altmer had given us a Great Welkynd Stone ("Welkynd apparently meaning "Sky Child") to present to king Camoran.
CE 647, 28th of Last Seed
Obviously I am the one to be left behind then the others go back to Elden Root. Is the comander really still angry at me for the journal incident. What in Oblvion am I to do here, all alone (well, not completely all alone There are still some Corelanya here, aswell as the commander.
CE 647, 1st of Hearthfire
The Corelanya have brought so many ancient artifacts here, and the others haven't even returned yet. I hardly know what any of these things are. Also, a friendly (and attractive, her bust seemed unnaturally large. Magically enhanced, perhaps?) Corelanya female assisted me in translating the aforementioned inscription. She said that it meant "By Meridia's powers, shine in the darkness". I found it very interesting myself. I really do need to, ahem, see her again sometime.
CE 647, 3rd of Hearthfire
I saw her again in the portal chamber today. I think that she might have seen me admiring her, although all she did was smile. I don't know if that's good or bad, to be honest. Ignoring that, I found a very interesting sword among the gifts stacked in the portal chamber. It had an Ayleid inscription on it, it read "Altadoon Salas Enarane, Jorgallyen". I asked Her to help me in it's translation. I actually asked for her name this time, it's Arannet. It is a fine name, really. Short, for being an Altmeri name. She smiled the same way that she had before when I asked, and I am the first to admit that I must have blushed. Come to think of it, I have never in my 48 year long life seen another Bosmer blush. Strange that. Where was I? Oh, right, the inscription. It means "The weapon of the king of Salas En, Jorgallyen". Salas En is also where the Corelanya are coming from, for some reason I was never told that.
CE 647, 5th of Hearthfire
Finally the others returned, together with carrages of food, drink, fresh water (although there is plenty of that right here) and many other things. The Corelanya were grateful for these gifts, and the diplomats from Elden Root seemed even more grateful over the piles of ancient relics presented by the Corelanya. A great feast was held outside the ruins, although I did not see Arannet there. But the plenty of meat and drink was enough to distract me from that.
CE 647, 10th of Hearthfire
Yesterday Arannet came up and gave me a deep red stone, with an Ayleidoon text glowing on top of it. "I want you to translate this one yourself.", she said. What the text said was "A malia ya, Balonthorn", and I didn't need to be an Ayleid scholar to know what it meant. Balonthorn, husband to a Hammerfell High Elf, that will shut up my so-called "friends" back in Elden Root. I'll talk to her about it tomorrow. For whatever reason I find it rather hard to write about this, I'm the only one who will ever read it; so why do I find it so hard? It's love, I suppose.
CE 647, 14th of Hearthfire
Well, it took four days instead of one; but rather late than never! She didn't say all that mych when I confessed my love to her (as I had expected an Altmer to do). Instead she kissed me, right on my mouth! Then she wakled away, without taking her eyes off me. This caused her to walk right into a Corelanya guard standing in front of her, to which she immediately apologized.
CE 647, 16th of Hearthfire
Today she asked me to join her when she travels back to Salas En tomorrow. I obvously said yes (it would be rather boring if I didn't, don't you think?). I cannot wait to see Hammerfell, I've only once been outside of Valenwood, you see. I was in Cyrodiil, although I wasn't particularly imprssed with the Imperial homeland. Hammefell, with all of its sand, Redguards and Dwemer ruins sounds much more exciting. But I have no time to write in my journal now, do I? I must prepare, it's not every day you get an oportunity like this one. I must remember to bring the journal with me, I'm not particularly good at remembering things, so it'll go as it goes.
[This was the only of journal that Stibbons aquired, a reward shall be given to whomever is able to find further journals written by Balonthorn. They are needed for... scholarly stuff. - Lady Clarisse Laurent, 2E 583]
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